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The Event (Mondays 9/8 Central)


Sep 20, 2010 Web Exclusive Bookmark and Share

You may want to create your own timeline when watching the pilot for NBC’s The Event. The suspenseful conspiracy thriller uses the dramatic back-and-forth in time trick to keep the viewer on its toes and, hopefully, tuned in the following week(s). This chronological puzzle can prove frustrating, a feeling that borders on irritating as it progresses. The experienced ensemble cast sees Sean Walker (Jason Ritter, The Class) seemingly try to hijack a plane, propose to his girlfriend Leila Buchanan (Sarah Roemer, Disturbia), and on an idyllic holiday all at once. Meanwhile, what looked like was a minor storyline, Leila’s family, moves into a major position as her father’s (Scott Patterson, Gilmore Girls) persona shifts from cardigan-ed dad to the center of a conspiracy. And the African-American-Cuban president (Blair Underwood, In Treatment), who looks the same as he did when he stepped into the offices of L.A. Law (how does he do that?), is in Florida and Alaska in the flash of an eye and we’re not sure what happened in either place. And wound super-tight is Sophia Maguire (Laura Innes, ER), who apparently knows what is going on everywhere and with everyone, and is very close-lipped about it, revealing only enough to make herself sound self-important and in control. The most interesting of the many intertwined storylines is when Sean’s fiancée disappears without a trace, his cruise ship cabin is under someone else’s name, and none of the numbers he calls yield any result. We see a bloody hand at the Buchanans where Sean’s call hits an answering machine, yet another question mark. That is the whole thrust of the pilot, keeping the viewer intrigued with its cryptic tone and overly urgent scene development. Obviously, this is The Event’s attempt at capturing Lost’s audience (and any stragglers leftover from Flash Forward and V), and filling in Heroes’ time slot. If you can tolerate the overly histrionic pilot and are curious enough to find out what “the event” actually is, of which there is no mention in the pilot, then NBC has a Lost-esque show on its hands. Count me out. (

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