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Tuesday, November 28th, 2023  

The Tomorrow People

CW, Wednesdays 9/8 Central

Oct 09, 2013 Issue #47 - September/October 2013 - MGMT
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The title The Tomorrow People suggests innovation, progress, and futuristic ideas. Instead, this action sci-fi series is festered with tired ideas and tropes and not a hint of originality or spectacle. It centers on an emerging class of people with unique abilities. They are the next step in human evolution, and a sinister organization wants to track them down because they are dangerous. Seriously.

Only, these X-Menexcuse me, “Tomorrow People”all have the same three abilitiesteleportation, telepathy, and telekinesis. Or, the “three Ts.” And these Heroessorry, “Tomorrow People”have to track down a leader who has promised to lead them to a new land where they can live free from persecution. Of course, the bad guys won’t let them do that, because they have to round them up to protect society. Never mind that both parties essentially want the same thingthe “Tomorrow People” living in isolationthey can’t be bothered to actually sit down and talk about it, even though the leaders of both groups are brothers. Tell me you didn’t see that coming.

Even an overused concept can be made fresh with good presentation, but The Tomorrow People, which is a remake of a 1970s British show, is completely bogged down with rushed exposition, stale acting, and pointless action scenes that leave not much to look forward to. (

Author rating: 3/10

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March 18th 2014

I was hoping for a lot more - something engaging that was worth an hour of my time. I was hoping they could turn his idea into a credible series. Robbie Amell looks all of his 20-something years, especially during closeups (and his skin looks DRY). And, what’s the difference between a Tomorrow Person selling launch codes and a rogue intelligence agent doing it?

It’s disappointing because the same-same-old same is disappointing.