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The Unclothed Man In the 35th Century A.D.


Written and drawn by Dash Shaw

Feb 17, 2010 Web Exclusive Bookmark and Share

Featuring his comic feature of the same name and storyboards from the associated animated IFC series, Dash Shaw’s The Unclothed Man In the 35th Century A.D. is a hell of a way to be introduced to a very special creator. There are other comics featured in there as well, most of which with a science fiction bent. To a panel, they are clever and creative; less stories and almost parables.

Shaw’s work defies easy categorizationchildlike wonder meets adult sophistication and complication. The art is often simplistically rendered, but sophisticated in creativity and there’s a lot of playfulness and effectiveness in his storytelling.

Even through sci-fi trappings, Shaw’s unique sensibilities creep through and prove to be unshakable. Or, perhaps, using those conventions (time travel, over-reliance on automatons, etc.) are what allows his quirkiness and appeal to shine through with such mastery. (Although my favorite story in the volume was “Cartooning Symbolia,” which is devoid of sci-fi window dressing).

By not reading his previous opus, Bottomless Belly Button, it seems I’ve truly missed out on a young cartoonist that’s sure to be an enduring voice. Unclothed Man is top notch. (,

Author rating: 8/10

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Average reader rating: 4/10


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