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Hanne Kolstø

Ludvig Moon, The Fjords, Trondheim Calling 2015, Trondheim Calling 2015: Day 2, Broen, Hanne Kolstø

Trondheim Calling Day Two: Ludvig Moon, Broen, The Fjords, and Hanne Kolstø, January 30th, 2015

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Located next to our hotel in Trondheim was Rockheim, a museum dedicated to the history of Norwegian popular music. It was were we opted to spend the morning of day two, playing with laser pointers and learning about the country’s rich pop culture history through a series of interactive exhibits. (Yes, black metal—including the couch where one of the members of Mayhem shot himself in the head—was represented.) I was left with a-ha’s “Take on Me” running through my head for the remainder of the trip…a song so powerful you’re probably singing it as you read this. (You’re welcome.)

Because the festival only ran for five hours each night, I was forced to make a series of heartbreaking decisions regarding what to see each day. (I highly suggest checking our Trondheim Calling mixtape series to get an even fuller taste of who playing the festival. My deepest apologies to anyone who’s set I wasn’t able to catch.) I’m proud to say that on day two I liked my choices, as Ludvig Moon, Broen, The Fjords, and Hanne Kolstø didn’t fail to deliver.

One of the many festival’s buzz bands, Ludvig Moon captivated the audience on the festival’s main stage. There’s an ethereal edge to their guitar-driven. But live, the songs of their self-titled debut feel more down to earth, the clear result of five friends who like jamming together and grew up mainlining Billy Corgan’s catalogue. It was a set that was impossible not to smile through, and a joy that lasted through the rest of the night.

Clad in silvery disco-ball reminiscent outfits, Broen (Norwegian for Bridge) performed the kind of playful dance pop that would make YACHT to La Tigre proud. Sure it was rough around the edges, but given the high level of musicality the band displayed, it was clear that the down and dirty nature of their set was intentional. (After all, how many indie outfits come with their own tuba player?) Frontwoman Marianna S. A. Røe strutted her way through the set, smirking as she mimed some of the raunchier lyrics. The phrase “golden showers” paints a vivid picture, doesn’t it?

Don’t bother trying to Google The Fjords (unless you REALLY like photos of Norway’s most impressive landscapes). But know that the Trondheim-based four-piece gave a heartfelt performance, even in the light of technical issues. Lead by Petter Vågan (who could easily out-sad any member of The National) their floaty electro tunes felt like the perfect after-dark soundtrack. If Bon Iver ever comes back from the dead (Do you hear us, Justin Vernon?) he could do worse than bringing these guys on tour.

Hanne Kolstø was one of the festival’s few non-surprises, as I’d already seen her perform at last year’s by:Larm and Øya Festivals. But with a whole new album of material at her disposal, last year’s Forever Maybe, the singer/songwriter delivered one of the most straight-up stunning vocal performances of the night. Homegirl can hit a note like no-one’s business. The fact that she can do against an instrumental backing that suggests Mew at their least progy? All the more impressive.

And so night two came to a close on a high note—which to be fair is the way all nights should close. Word to the wise: do not take an Advil PM while abroad to try to cure jet lag. Life is surreal and exciting enough without dancing with the blue devil.

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