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My Morning Jacket’s Jim James on Twin Peaks

Aug 02, 2010 Issue #32 - Summer 2010 - Wasted on the Youth

Making sure I had properly saved my game, I pushed the power button on my Nintendo Entertainment System to bring that day's Legend of Zelda adventures to a close. When Zelda disappeared, there was a man staring at me from the TV—a sharp-dressed man in a fine suit with his black hair slicked back, eyes searching for something beyond me at that time. Special Agent Dale Cooper—he spoke to something in me that was “good.” Something that wanted to know the truth about what all those grownups were doing. More

Elisabeth Moss

Aug 02, 2010 Issue #32 - Summer 2010 - Wasted on the Youth

Growing up there was definitely a lot of stuff pop culture-wise that I didn’t catch onto until I was older. Of the things I did experience as it happened, My So-Called Life was the one that was most important to me.


Doctor Who’s David Tennant

Oct 07, 2009 Issue #28 Fall 2009 - Monsters of Folk

"You go into a supermarket and your face is on a cake and underpants. And all that's very odd. It's not what you imagine when you go to drama school, that you'll be commemorated in plastic and icing, and cotton." Scottish actor David Tennant is very famous in the United Kingdom. Despite his appearance in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Tennant is not that well known in America, although has spent the last four years starring in the British television institution Doctor Who, which was recently honored by the Guinness Book of World Records as "The Most Successful Sci-Fi Television Show." We spoke to Tennant about his reasons for leaving Doctor Who, his childhood experiences with the show, his thoughts on his tenure as The Doctor, which bands he's into, and his future plans. More

Torchwood’s Eve Myles

Jul 03, 2009 Web Exclusive

When Welsh actress Eve Myles recently found out she was pregnant, she made sure that her baby was of this Earth. "We checked on the scan that it was a human and was not an alien," Myles jokes. Gwen Cooper, the secret government agent that Myles plays on the British sci-fi show Torchwood, was pregnant with an alien baby last season, so Myles jokes that her mother was especially pleased to know fiction wasn't bleeding over to reality. More

Batman: The Animated Series

Jun 08, 2009 Issue #27 Summer 2009 - Jarvis Cocker

When it started, the title sequence didn't tell you what you were watching. Still, you knew what it was. As a variation of Danny Elfman's familiar musical score cemented the visual action, two cartoon thieves, making their escape from a bank robbery, suddenly find themselves confronted on a building rooftop by a shadowy figure. More

Joss Whedon

Feb 01, 2009 Winter 2009 - Anticipated Albums of 2009

After a half-decade absence from the medium that made him famous, Joss Whedon is coming back to television. The mastermind behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly (as well as Serenity, Firefly’s big screen resurrection) returns   to the small screen with Dollhouse, a sci-fi action drama that’s decidedly different from his previous ventures. More

Steven Moffat

Jul 01, 2008 Web Exclusive

“When the time is right to talk about series five, I’ll talk about series five, but I’m not talking about it now.” Steven Moffat is staying mum. More