Nov 11, 2015 Comic Books Web Exclusive

At this point, Hunter S. Thompson's drug-fueled excursions are a sort of American mythology on their own. Troy Little's graphic adaptation of his seminal 1971 book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas portrays Dr. Thompson as cartoonish and larger than life, which isn't much of a leap from the source. More

Nov 09, 2015 Comic Books Web Exclusive

A prequel to Paul Pope's Battling Boy, focused on a younger Aurora West, this book tracks Aurora's training under her father, hero Haggard West, and his assistant/Aurora's near-mother figure Ms. Grately. Aurora has theories about which monster killed her mother when she was a child, and though she's grown enough that Haggard allows her to come with him on missions, she longs to break out solo so she can hunt down that killer.  More

Nov 05, 2015 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Grant Morrison's The Multiversity is challenging to say the least. Rather than a straightforward linear adventure, it serves more as a linchpin for a handful of different stories as they face a new threat from an unseen force known as The Gentry.  More

Nov 02, 2015 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Convergence is DC Comics' latest attempt to try to sort out some of their timeline issues. As usual, the main plotline is confusing as hellbasically, Brainiac has kidnapped cities from various doomed timelines in domes and shipped them to a single planet, where their heroes will do battle to determine which city/timeline is worthy of being given a new lease on life.  More

Oct 30, 2015 Comic Books Web Exclusive

A very auspicious start from two comics stalwarts: Gilbert Hernandez (of Love & Rockets fame) on writing and Darwyn Cooke (the Parker adaptations, New Frontier) on art.  More

Superman: Lois and Clark #1


Written by Dan Jurgens, Pencils by Lee Weeks, Inks by Scott Hanna, Colors by Brad Anderson

Oct 21, 2015 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Superman: Lois and Clark is not a comic book continuation of the '90s TV show Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, despite its similar title. So don't expect the likenesses of Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher. But it is a nostalgic new DC Comics series that features previous iterations of the characters. It's also one that's off to a good start, based on its first issue. More

Motorcycle Samurai

Top Shelf

Oct 01, 2015 Comic Books Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

Chris Sheridan has built a great post-society world in Motorcycle Samurai, and a quite intriguing title character in White Bolt, the mysterious, cooler-than-a-cucumber woman with the skull painted on her helmet.  More

Sep 29, 2015 Comic Books Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

Demons and Angels is the second of a three-volume retrospective exploring the work of underground cartoonist S. Clay Wilson. Spanning the '70s and up to the late '80s, Volume 2 joins the Checkered Demon and other Wilson creations during a period when the pioneering Zap Comixcontributor found an audience with punk fans and other new converts. More

Fante Bukowski


Sep 24, 2015 Comic Books Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

Noah Van Sciver's latest graphic novel centers on a writer struggling with a world that constantly refuses him. Fante Bukowski-not his real name, of course-pens god-awful poetry about his father and writes shamelessly derivative fiction. In a series of vignettes, we see his attempts to figure out the industry, and his mundane failures. More