The Sculptor

First Second

Written and Illustrated by Scott McCloud

Apr 03, 2015 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Too often, experts on an artistic medium write book after book on their chosen form of expression, but don't have the creative chops to back up their pedagoguery. Screenplay "gurus" who have never written a movie; acting teachers who haven't been on stage in decades; music historians who have never attempted a composition. More

Plunder #1


Written by Swifty Lang, Art by Skuds McKinley

Feb 25, 2015 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Writer Swifty Lang has a unique knack for splicing current global issues with classic horror fare. In Plunder, Lang revisits his specialty, this time melding Somali pirates with aliens on the high seas.

Judge Dredd: City Limits Volume One


Written by Duane Swierczynski, Art by Nelson Daniel

Feb 13, 2015 Comic Books

It is the 22nd Century. Nuclear fallout has forced most of the human population into enormous, overpopulated, crime and violenceridden cities. MegaCity One is one such metropolis. More

Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga Volume 1


Written and Illustrated by Jiro Kuwata

Feb 06, 2015 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Bat-mania swept the United States in the 1960s. Adam West and Burt Ward appeared on television as the dynamic duo once a week. West's Batman made the cover of Life Magazine in 1966. More

Jan 30, 2015 Comic Books Issue #52 - January/February 2015 - St. Vincent

Gotham is no stranger to imminent razing. When the city faces compounded threats, doom looms in a major way. James Gordon behind bars for causing a subway train accident that resulted in the deaths of over a hundred people. More

Olympians: Ares: Bringer of War

First Second

George O'Connor

Jan 26, 2015 Comic Books Web Exclusive

The seventh installment of George O'Connor's graphic novel treatment of the Greek gods is by far the series' most violent. Set against the backdrop of the Trojan War, Ares: Bringer of War chronicles the bloodthirsty deity's involvement in the decade-long struggle between the Greeks and the Trojans. More

Strong Female Protagonist

Top Shelf

Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag

Jan 05, 2015 Comic Books Web Exclusive

There have been so many "what if superhumans existed in the real world" stories that it takes a fresh view and top execution to stand out. Brennan Lee Mulligan (words) and Molly Ostertag (art) have nailed both. More

Saga Volume 4


Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Dec 31, 2014 Comic Books Web Exclusive

If you're not reading Brian K. Vaughan's and Fiona Staples's award-winning series Saga, you're missing out on one of the great sci-fi/comics/love/action/adventure/fiction stories of the past decade. More

Dec 29, 2014 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Everything changed for Batman in the '80s. Frank Miller famously took the character to his extreme and logical conclusion in The Dark Knight Returns, comic book fans voted to kill off Jason Todd's Robin, and Tim Burton brought the brooding superhero to the big screen for the first time in 1989's Batman. More