Oct 10, 2014 Comic Books Issue #51 - September/October 2014 - alt-J

The Transformers book you never knew you needed. More

Sep 26, 2014 Comic Books Issue #51 - September/October 2014 - alt-J

Myth meets mythologized in Steve Niles and Damien Worm's tale of the union of Frankenstein's monster and legendary serial killer, Jack the Ripper. After escaping the bloodthirsty mob that killed his master, Frankenstein roams the world trying to connect with humanity. More

Hinterkind: The Waking World


Written by Ian Edginton, Art by Francesco Trifogli

Sep 19, 2014 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Mankind has been all but wiped out by a deadly plague. Former metropolises-New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, among others-have been reduced to pocket colonies of survivors, and Mother Nature has reclaimed the cement and concrete.  More

Aug 26, 2014 Comic Books Web Exclusive

In this latest depiction of Chris Carter's hugely popular '90s television series, Mulder and Scully revisit the origins of The X-Files to compare notes to a current case. While tracking down a large cat, the duo hear about a mysterious man named "Mr. Zero," who Mulder recognizes from the very first X-File. More

Multiversity #1


Written by Grant Morrison; Art by Joe Prado and Ivan Reis

Aug 21, 2014 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Hey, remember when DC had a series called Final Crisis? Now, you didn't think they were serious about that "Final" part, did you? More

The Justice League of America Omnibus Volume One


Written by Gardner Fox, Art by Mike Sekowsky and Bernard Sachs

Jul 31, 2014 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Reprinting the first four and a half years of Justice League history (including the famed debut team-up against Starro the Conqueror), this omnibus is a collector's treat. More



Written by Jonathan Hickman, Art by Ryan Bodenheim

Jul 25, 2014 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Grant Miller works for a high-level security organization that is very good at making problems disappear. The problem is, he's just discovered that one of the problems he's working on traces back to his employer.  More

Astro City: Through Open Doors


Written by Kurt Busiek, Art by Brent Eric Anderson

Jul 15, 2014 Comic Books Web Exclusive

The most recent addition to Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson's Astro City series, Through Open Doors once again returns readers to the eponymous metropolis where everyday citizens interact with heroes—and villains—on a regular basis.  More



Written by Kieron Gillen, Art by Ryan Kelly

Jul 10, 2014 Comic Books Web Exclusive

In Ancient Greece, the Helots are considered the lowest of the low-outclassed by slaves and reminded of their standing by the Spartans, who mercilessly cut them down to prove their own might.  More