Drawn & Quarterly

May 17, 2018 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Drnaso beautifully weaves an intricate story-simultaneously a riveting character study and a parable about the dangerous spread of misinformation and doubt-that blooms wider with every subsequent panel. More


First Second

May 07, 2018 Comic Books Issue #63 - Courtney Barnett

Antoine Revoy's Animus is a creepy mishmash of horror, crime procedural, and maybe fairy tale-all from the POV of school-aged protagonists in Japan. A haunted playground, where each piece of equipment has a different, supernatural side effect, is the catalyst that gets our heroes on the case-to solve the murder of the very boy whose spirit is stuck there, a ghost called "Toothless." More

Apr 26, 2018 Comic Books Issue #63 - Courtney Barnett

I can always use a giant helping of Mike Allred's whimsical, poppy art, and this collectionwith writing help from brother Lee and coloring help from wife Laurais no exception.  More



Mar 20, 2018 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Clue, indeed based on the classic board game, fleshes out the enduring murder mystery from that game with more modern sensibilities. And, gosh, there's a lot to like about Clue—the design is wonderful, the art (Nelson Daniel) equally so. More

Red Winter

Drawn and Quarterly

Feb 26, 2018 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Red Winter is a surprising bit of warmth on a cold night, a touching tale and one of the most compelling books of the year so far. More

Compulsive Comics


Feb 20, 2018 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Compulsive Comics, a collection comprising reprinted stories by Eric Haven, is a wonderful bit of weird. His draftsmanship evokes some sort of sweet spot between '70s underground comix, '90s alt-comics, and classic serialized strips featuring strange creatures and square-jawed, Flash Gordon types. More

Nov 22, 2017 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Part one of acclaimed European writer-artist Enrico Marini's American debut is an instant Batman classic. More

Nov 15, 2017 Comic Books Issue #62 - Julien Baker

Reading Batwoman is a bit of a frustrating experience, mostly because this mix of interesting ideas and gorgeous art leaves a lot of the potential on the cutting room floor.  More

Demon Volume 4

First Second

Nov 14, 2017 Comic Books Issue #62 - Julien Baker

If nothing else, the Demon seriescapped off in this fourth volumehas a protagonist responsible for one of the largest piles of dead bodies in comics history. But the book is a lot more than body count. In fact, the deaths come so rapidly and easily that they become more of a background noise, a dark comedy element than a tragedy. More