May 18, 2018 Music Issue #63 - Courtney Barnett

Wide Awake! is Parquet Courts' fifth album (or seventh, if you include the trimmings of Parkay Quarts and last year's Daniele Luppi collaboration) in as many years, with scarily prolific Andrew Savage releasing his first solo album late last year as well.  More

Courtney Barnett

Tell Me How You Really Feel

Mom + Pop/Marathon Artists/Milk!

May 17, 2018 Music Issue #63 - Courtney Barnett

"I'm not your mother! I'm not your bitch!" drools Courtney Barnett on the opening to the sixth track of Tell Me How You Really Feel. Her voice is devoid of any expression, but, with her distinctive Australian twang, it's still unmistakably hers. More


Barton’s Den


May 17, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

The circle of life and death is something everybody has to come face-to-face with, sometimes much sooner than we'd like or had anticipated. For The Dodos' singer/guitarist Meric Long, both made his direct acquaintance in his adult life soon after each otherfirst with the death of his father and then with the birth of his first child. More

May 16, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Everyone's favorite jester-come-jazz/folk troubadour, Ryley Walker, returns after 2016's well-received Golden Sings That Have Been Sung with an equally hazily idiosyncratic collection. The opener, "In Castle Dome," develops a lethargic psych saunter that dominates the album's feel and rhythm.  More

May 16, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Brian Eno may be well known for his influence on iconic rock artists David Bowie, U2, Coldplay, Devo, and James, and producing some of their most artistic and commercial successes, but he is best known as the Godfather of ambient music for essentially conceiving the genre. More

May 15, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

So here we are. Five years after the slicked back hair and leather clad riffs of AMArctic Monkeys are back with a new record, the oddly-titled Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. The project that started out as a solo project for frontman Alex Turner now incorporates the entire bandsomething equally as perplexing as it is ill-fitting. More

May 15, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Is there a bigger new name in music right now than Cardi B? If so, I must confess myself unable to think of it. It's been just over a year since a behind-the-scenes clip of her recording as-then-unreleased single "Bodak Yellow" made waves across social media and now, after a string of successful public appearances, performances, and single releases, her debut album is here. More

May 14, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

One of the truly great and largely overlooked songwriters of our times, Mark Kozelek has walked a truly different path since his Sun Kil Moon masterpiece Benji back in 2014. More

Beach House


Sub Pop

May 11, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Baltimore's Beach House is universally beloved in the way that their mention will often elicit the kind of warm smile that you see on the face of someone deeply touched by a gesture. In that vein, their albums are artful parcels delicately wrapped with tender love and care. When you untie the bows, a lavender potion of harmonious synth and guitar wafts forth, pumped outward by the atomizer of electronic rhythm. More