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Beneath the Eyrie


Sep 12, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Pixies' post-reformation releases have been burdened with a problem. There is no way that the band can capture their epoch-defining original four albums (and one mini-album). How could they? The world is different, they are different, heck, music is different! More

Charli XCX



Sep 11, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

No one would dare to call the music of Charlotte Aitchison minimalist. The artist better known as Charli XCX has spent the better part of the past decade gradually shifting the pop landscape, from adding to the radio canon ("I Love It," "Boom Clap," "Fancy"), to hyping up artists from around the globe (Tommy Cash, PC Music, Kim Petras, etc.). More

Sep 10, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

"I just want to cry everything" is the rallying call of Adam Bainbridge's gorgeous third record as Kindness-which argues for tears as a defiant show of strength rather than surrender. More

Alex Cameron

Miami Memory

Secretly Canadian

Sep 09, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Over the past few years, there hasn't been an act, or more accurately, entertainer, such as Alex Cameron. More

Iggy Pop


Loma Vista

Sep 06, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Iggy Pop once said he likes his music offensive and has certainly spent the better part of his career doing just that. Now as a septuagenarian, the proto punk has made one of the year's most surprising and likable albums in Free. More

Ra Ra Riot


Rob the Rich/Caroline

Sep 06, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Ra Ra Riot is a hybrid of Passion Pit, Vampire Weekend, and The Shins, which is probably a winning formula in 2019. More

Miles Davis



Sep 05, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Reviewing a Miles Davis album is a tricky thing to do. Reviewing a "lost" Miles Davis album that fans have been salivating over the prospect of for more than 30 years feels more than tricky, it feels potentially dangerous. More

Sep 04, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

The substance of a !!! record is largely found in its style. Over their two-decade running time, the band pronounced as "chk chk chk" has, for better or worse, remained wedded to the dance hall origins.  More

Sep 03, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Californian punks Ceremony have always prided themselves as being distinctive and standing out from the crowd. Not in an outlandish or boorish way, but more by the diverse nature of their influences. More