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Thursday, August 6th, 2020  



Central Tones

Aug 04, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

The new wave of bands from Ireland enjoying critical acclaim and success in the UK and beyond have often been poetic, brooding, and intense.  More

Aug 03, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Fontaines D.C.’s 2019 debut, Dogrel, placed them among IDLES and Girl Band as rising stars of the post-punk revival, but with an especially literate and distinctly Irish bend to their music.  More

Jul 31, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Oakland CA native Madeline Kenney isn’t interested in the simple approach. Her spiraling, layered guitar approach defies easy categorization, as does her aversion to the traditional hook-filled pop melody. On her third record, Sucker’s Lunch, Kenney applies that idiosyncratic musical approach to the complexities of relationships.  More

Jul 31, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Brain Candy is more than a zombie’s midnight snack—it’s the sweetness of gaining knowledge, caramelized and carefully presented in a delicious platter of surf-rock with silky ’90s pop punk notes. This is exactly the dessert that Hockey Dad serves up on their third LP, Brain Candy. On Brain Candy, the band experiments more, albeit only slightly, by yet again bringing in producer John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, Wolf Parade) to help chef up some easily digestible tunes, infused this time with just a bit more dynamics than previous efforts. And this new recipe works in their favor—so I implore you to take a bite.  More

Jul 31, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

After a smattering of singles released going back to late last year and Jenn Wasner’s recently released Flock of Dimes solo EP, Wye Oak emerges with a different approach altogether on the No Horizon EP. Here, Wasner and longtime musical partner Andy Stack team up with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. The Chorus have certainly earned their indie cred with the likes of Bon Iver and The National, but have also rubbed shoulders with musical royalty of the likes of Barbara Streisand and Sir Elton John. And they bring a regal flair to Wye Oak’s repertoire as well.   More

Jul 30, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Given their constant touring schedule and the hellacious way they tore through it, it wasn’t all that surprising to hear My Morning Jacket were taking a break after more than two ceaseless decades. Lead singer Jim James went off to join the supergroup The New Basement Tapes and broke out on his own to explore his spiritual side.  More

Jul 30, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Sometimes music comes along and surprises you out of the blue. An artist that is new to you comes across your path, you press play on the recommendation of a friend, and then as you listen to the artist for the first time, it feels like all the cares and worries of lockdown life fade away for a few short moments.  More

Jul 29, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Taylor Swift is a master of bombastic media campaigns. Whether her lead singles were pop earworm mastery, such as “Shake It Off,” or a pastel self-love anthem such as 2019’s “Me!” all provided ostentatious introductions to titanic album rollouts.  More

Jul 28, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

“Are we having a conversation?” asks Butch Walker, over and over and over again on “The Singer,” the opener of this troubling album of musings on contemporary life.  More