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Sunday, January 24th, 2021  

Jan 21, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

As one might expect, this is exactly what the title says. It is a box of (almost) every single released by the amazing Buzzcocks in their original run starting with their “Orgasm Addict” b/w “Whatever Happened To” all the way to the final single of their initial run, November 1980’s “What Do You Know” b/w “Running Free.” More

Jan 20, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Steve Earle has never been reluctant to credit those whose footsteps he has followed in. More

Buck Meek

Two Saviors

Keeled Scales

Jan 19, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

On his second album away from Big ThiefBuck Meek leads off with an effort to broaden our vocabulary. More


Drunk Tank Pink

Dead Oceans

Jan 15, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

A natural impulse for rock bands coming off their debut is to go bigger on the second album. That way at least you can’t blame a lack of ambition if a sophomore slump occurs. Sometimes, though, it pays off to rein it in a little bit—take Interpol, or Pearl Jam. South London crew Shame signal such a streamlining right away on Drunk Tank Pink. More

Jan 14, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Hospital Bracelet was first introduced to the world with a short and simple acoustic record dropped with little fanfare into the Bandcamp ecosphere in 2019. That record, Neutrality Acoustic, was quickly passed around in online DIY circles, amassing a dedicated following and turning singer/guitarist Eric Christopher into a rising star in the Chicago emo scene. More

Aaron Frazer


Dead Oceans/Easy Eye Sounds

Jan 13, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

If not for the fact that he is still with us, you would swear that Motown legend Smokey Robinson had been reincarnated in the form of Aaron Frazer. More

Jan 11, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Attempting to bridge the gap between early '80s post punk and the indie rock that emerged at the tail end of the 1980s, Strum & Thrum highlights 28 lost classics from this limbo time in American indie music. More

Jan 11, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Swedish post-punks Viagra Boys populated the band’s 2018 debut Street Worms with liars, cheaters, and junkies, mimicking its worst aspects of hyper-masulinity with a dark comedic approach and a sardonic wit. More

Jan 08, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Paul McCartney, perhaps the greatest songwriter in the history of popular music, has gifted the world with yet another wonderful record. More