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Friday, April 3rd, 2020  


I Feel Alive

Musique TOPS

Apr 03, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Montréal four-piece TOPS has been creating its brand of off-kilter AM radio pop for three albums now. I Feel Alive is a deeper refinement of that sound. The hooks are large, and lead singer Jane Penny’s vocals are bolder than ever.  More

Pearl Jam



Apr 02, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Pearl Jam’s new LP, Gigaton, is a warning. A one billion ton-sized one. If you choose to digest the 14-track record on YouTube, as I did, that warning is even more evident.  More



Take This to Heart

Apr 02, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Snarls emit an alternating current of sincerity and cool remove— down to their name, a fang-brandishing grin. You can’t always trust a band to accurately describe their own sound, but it must be admitted that “glitter emo alt-rock,” as they call it, is not a bad way to tag their debut album. More

Apr 01, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

As if it’s not good enough to be between good and great at nearly everything he attempts, now Donald Glover has to go be fucking Nostradamus, too?  More

Roger and Brian Eno

Mixing Colours

Deutsche Grammophon

Mar 31, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

By now you know that Brian Eno is an icon, some even going so far as to call him the godfather of ambient music. But you may not know that younger brother, pianist Roger Eno, is also a composer of tranquil sonic soundscapes.  More



Wharf Cat

Mar 30, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

It’s all sex, death, and sordid decadence on Bambara’s fourth full-length. Stray smartly builds on the style and intensity of 2018’s underrated Shadow on Everything by adding nuance and new ideas.  More

Nap Eyes

Snapshot of a Beginner

Jagjaguwar/Royal Mountain/Paradise of Bachelors

Mar 27, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Evolution and epiphany are at the front of Nigel Chapman’s mind on Snapshot of a Beginner. The growth is indeterminate and the visions are fleeting. “I’m so tired, of trying to recreate...Though I feel inspired, then a moment later find I’ve been too late,” he confesses on the opening wind-up “So Tired.” The album, though, is an unequivocal step forward for Nap Eyes.

Mar 27, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

It’s hard to imagine there was ever a time when Dua Lipa didn’t feel destined for superstardom. At some point between the release of the “New Rules” video and her triumphant night at the 2018 Brit Awards, Lipa’s rise seemed not only inevitable but necessary.  More




Mar 26, 2020 Music Web Exclusive

Based around the creative nucleus of best friends Asha Lorenz and Louis O’Bryen, Sorry have steadily been gaining a reputation as one of the most innovative new artists to emerge from the flourishing London underground scene in recent years. More