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Thursday, February 25th, 2021  

Feb 25, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Here are long-awaited reissues of The Chills’ second and third LPs from 1990 and 1992, respectively, on colored vinyl from Flying Nun, the label that originally issued these in New Zealand back when they first came out. More

Feb 24, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Julien Baker sounds reinvented on Little Oblivions, employing an expanded sound that is instantly gratifying and anthemic, drawing you in before hitting you with the full force of its crushing emotional weight. More

Feb 24, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Far removed from 2002’s excellent glitch-pop gem Neon Golden and seven years since their last release, Germany’s textural electro-rock group The Notwist return with Vertigo Days, a clamorous and progressive 14-track collection of multi-dimensional psych/jazz/rock. More

Feb 23, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

If music has the ability to transport, Lael Neale’s Sub Pop debut takes the Carter Family Fold and plants it smack dab in Lana Del Rey’s modernist LA.  More

Feb 22, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Australian singer/songwriter Harmony Byrne, like many other artists, found herself at her most open in deep isolation. The seclusion of the past year offered the chance for Byrne to release her innermost fears and pains long kept buried. More


As the Love Continues

Temporary Residence Ltd.

Feb 19, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Quietly but not so quietly, Mogwai have evolved into one of the most consistent bands of the past quarter century. More

Hand Habits

dirt EP

Saddle Creek

Feb 19, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

At the risk of turning the pandemic into a competition, it would appear that Hand Habits’ Meg Duffy has been living out their best quarantine life. More

Feb 18, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

With his iconic debut album Welcome 2 DetroitJ Dilla gave listeners a full-on sonic experience of the titular city.  More




Feb 17, 2021 Music Web Exclusive

Two years on from his scene-stealing debut album Nothing Great About Britain, the Northampton, England native has returned with a project of surprising depth but also a frustrating lack of focus. More