The Dø

Shake Shook Shaken

Siamese Squids

Jan 29, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

Franco-Finnish duo The Dø approached the recording of their new album Shake Shook Shaken like many modern indie acts do: wanting to streamline their sound, they cut out any acoustic elements in favor of a simplistic palette of synths and drum machines. More



One Little Indian

Jan 28, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

The early leak of Björk's latest album two months before the planned released, and her consequential handling of it, is a fitting allegory for the emotional rawness Vulnicura exposes us to. Clearly, this is not how Björk meant for things to work out. More

Jan 27, 2015 Music Issue #52 - September/October 2014 - St. Vincent

Young Ejecta (formerly Ejecta) returns with an excellent new six song "mini-album," further exploring many of the ideas from their wildly underrated 2013 full-length debut, Dominae. More

Jan 26, 2015 Music Issue #52 - September/October 2014 - St. Vincent

Six albums into their career, Pond is still known by most as that other psych-rock band from Australia.  More

The Dodos



Jan 23, 2015 Music Issue #52 - September/October 2014 - St. Vincent

The Dodos have always been a pleasantly disarming mix of salty and sweet. Complex rhythmic ideas round out simple but creative melodic lines, which are in turn occasionally rounded out by an unexpected dissonance. Basic instrumentation expands to fill up vast amounts of space, both on the recordings and during their hypnotic live shows. More

Jan 22, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

In the chorus of "A New Wave," halfway through Sleater-Kinney's new comeback album, No Cities to Love, Carrie Brownstein sings "No one here is taking notice/No outline will ever hold us/It's not a new wave, it's just you and me." More

Alex Calder

Strange Dreams

Captured Tracks

Jan 21, 2015 Music Web Exclusive

In press notes, Alex Calder is often described as a "Mac DeMarco collaborator." It's a dubious way to introduce the singer/songwriter, who did time with DeMarco in the formative band Makeout Videotape, because it immediately and unjustly places him in DeMarco's shadow.  More

Jan 20, 2015 Music Issue #52 - September/October 2014 - St. Vincent

This box set gathers the first three proper albums from Australia's The Go-Betweens, plus rarities and a fine disc of formative singles. It's music that wholly deserves to be spoken of in the same reverent tones reserved for canonized '80s guitar-pop legends, from R.E.M. and The Smiths to top-tier Kiwis, The Clean. More

Jan 19, 2015 Music Issue #52 - September/October 2014 - St. Vincent

To quote Woody Allen, relationships are "...absurd, but we keep going through it because we need the eggs." Belle and Sebastian get it. Their ninth album Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance features a cast of damaged idealists on the hunt for love. More