Jun 14, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Bruce Springsteen's 19th studio album finds the singer/songwriter indulging in string and brass orchestration to illuminate tales of searchers and risk-takers in pursuit of the American Dream. More

Jun 14, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

At some point, girls are taught to like boys. More specifically, parents tell their daughters that they should seek a husband and tend to him in sickness and health.  More

Jun 13, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Lest you think Faye Webster a musical cub, her personally tender and musically generous debut for Secretly Canadian (and third album overall), Atlanta Millionaires Club, reveals a depth to each facet that slowly erases the newcomer categorization.  More


Useless Coordinates

Captured Tracks

Jun 12, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Drahla love Sonic Youth. This is an unavoidable fact that looms over the Leeds three-piece's debut album Useless Coordinates. But that obsession forms only one piece of a puzzle that creates an overall image of meticulously crafted, lovingly calculated, and vibrant post-punk.  More


Erotic Reruns

Yeasayer Records

Jun 11, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Yeasayer have never allowed their sound to go stagnant, approaching each record almost as if it were an unrelated entity rather than a continuation of what's come before. More

Jun 10, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

In this age of homogeny, phrases like "experimental" and "avant garde" are thrown around liberally, usually to add conceptual weight to music that is often anything but. Holly Herndon is an artist that truly fits the bill, pushing boundaries both sonically and conceptually whilst retaining a strong grasp on accessibility.  More

Jun 07, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Cave In's latest, and presumably last, full-length is one steeped in tragedy, though its outcome isn't all gloom. In March of 2018, founding bassist and songwriter Caleb Scofield died in a car accident, just as the Boston metalcore band had begun recording their first record in seven years. More

Jun 06, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

According to the personal letter that Sam France—one half of bittersweet duo, Foxygen—attached to new album, Seeing Other People, making a suggestion to see other people to someone you're in a relationship with is another way of saying, "Let's end shit." More

Jun 05, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

I have and always will refer to Broken Social Scene as The Ensemble That Rocks. The Canadian outfit was truly a godsend in the '00s rock epoch, when trite rock and/or roll machismo started rearing its ugly head again.  More