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Oct 16, 2009 Books Web Exclusive

Fables is the very popular comic book series from DC/Vertigo that reimagines imaginary figures as castaways from their faerie lands, living in the real world among us mundane, or “mundy” types. Most of your favorites, such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming, Blue Beard, the Big Bad Wolf, and many more have appeared in the long-running comic.


Lauren Dukoff


Published by Chronicle

Oct 15, 2009 Books Web Exclusive

Photo books of musicians or music scenes are tricky business. Too often, these tomes come across as either lifeless documents of some alien world to which the reader has no relatable context, or they function as vaguely voyeuristic glimpses into the lives of those who are lauded as heroes. The pictures of Lauren Dukoff’s Family, however, attempt something greater in scope than simple documentation of moments in time.


Sep 16, 2009 Books Web Exclusive

Ever have the urge to color birds in Devendra Banhart’s beard? Create hairstyles for the members of Rilo Kiley? Illustrate alternate cover art for The Dears’ Missiles? Well, now you can. The Indie Rock Coloring Book is a whimsically interactive way to experience your favorite indie rock artists, compiled by the Montréal-based nonprofit organization Yellow Bird Project.


Aug 14, 2009 Books Web Exclusive

With the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair taking place this August, there has been a rash of books, music, and video released to celebrate the event. The Road to Woodstock is a detailed account of the festival from the man who organized it.


Jul 27, 2009 Books Web Exclusive

Was Superman a Spy? is a novelty book based on a weekly blog/column called “Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed” that appears over at Comic Book Resources every Friday morning.


Jul 21, 2009 Books Web Exclusive

Robert Dean Lurie may be The Church’s biggest fan, and he approaches the task of documenting the band’s history from this admittedly biased perspective. Still, No Certainty Attached is a satisfying and informative read filled with more objective fact than subjective feeling. Lurie’s writing is filled with anecdotes. The narrative is paced well, balancing the band’s early history with its “Under the Milky Way”-era stardom, Kilbey’s history with heroin abuse, and The Church’s final artistic redemption.


Jul 14, 2009 Books Web Exclusive

Secret Identity Crisis is an interesting meditation on sequential art as a reflection of, and sometimes commentary on, society. Costello, a Professor of Political Science at Chicago’s Saint Xavier University, chooses to juxtapose the growth of the comic industry with the sticky concept of the so-called American “national identity,” by using the ongoing stories of some of Marvel’s biggest names as a giant funhouse mirror to warp and shine light on current events and attitudes.


Jul 01, 2009 Books Robert Greenfield

Robert Greenfield’s A Day in the Life chronicles the rise and fall of two lovers so engrossed in various self-serving pursuits that they often bordered on sheer subversion. Susan “Puss” Coriat and Tommy Weber spent their early lives sheltered by wealthy families with the good grace of beauty to carry them well beyond their means. By the late ’60s, their indulgence in drugs and living on the edge day-to-day shifted them into a world of oblivion and reckless abandon, which led to Puss’ suicide in 1971.


Barney Hoskyns

Lowside of the Road

Published by Broadway

Jun 22, 2009 Books Issue #26 Spring 2009 - Bat For Lashes

In what may be one of the most thoughtfully written and insightful accounts on the life of Tom Waits, Lowside of the Road meticulously explores one of America’s most phenomenal music icons. Throughout the book, we learn how Waits shaped and evolved his singular persona as well as what artistic influences and colorful personalities surrounded him in key moments of his incredibly prolific career.