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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

PS3/360/Wii (EA)

Aug 14, 2009 Video Games Web Exclusive

Plenty of great video games have been made into awful movies, so could an awful movie be made into a great video game? Could the process be reversed? In the case of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, the answer is no.


Ghostbusters: The Video Game

PS3/Xbox 360/Wii

Jul 02, 2009 Video Games Web Exclusive

If you grew up in the ’80s, then Ghostbusters: The Video Game is up there on the anticipation scale with James Cameron’s Avatar, any upcoming Pixar project that doesn’t have the word Cars in it, or the Arrested Development movie. The game’s finally here, and it’s mostly solid, but doesn’t quite live up to the Ghostbusters III experience that many of us have been waiting for.



Wii/Next Level

Jul 01, 2009 Video Games Web Exclusive

Punch-Out!! is back and on the Nintendo Wii, and after being out of the ring for 15 years, it’s better than ever! Little Mac is ready to rumble against all those international stereotypes you remember so fondly. You’re going to need to dust off the old strategies of dodging, blocking, and face- and gut- punching to make your way to the title bout.


Moon Nintendo DS

Renegade Kid/Mastiff

Jun 24, 2009 Video Games Issue #26 Spring 2009 - Bat For Lashes

Until recently, first-person shooter games on the DS have been pretty limited. Metroid Prime Hunters and Goldeneye: Rogue Agent had much better regular console games to live up to, but Moon is an original title that has old-school charm and fun to spare.


Flower PlayStation 3

SCEA/That Game Company

Jun 22, 2009 Video Games Issue #26 Spring 2009 - Bat For Lashes

What do most games have in common? I’d say about 90% of games feature violence or shooting and about 99% include bad dialogue. If you’d like something quite different,Flower will spread a little peace and love through your PS3.


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

PS3/Xbox 360/ LucasArts/Havok

Nov 02, 2008 Video Games Year End 2008 - Best of 2008

Star Wars fandom is strong with geeks. So strong that after several subpar prequels and the shitty The Clone Wars animated movie, fans were still feverishly anticipating the release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Sorry fans, you’ve been fooled again!


Rock Band 2

Xbox 360/PS3/Harmonix/ MTV Games

Nov 02, 2008 Video Games Year End 2008 - Best of 2008

How do you make a game as good as Rock Band better? In Rock Band 2’s case, it means that you stick to the basics—having fun and dorking out—by streamlining the process with an easier interface, better instruments, and a grip of new songs.


Fable II

Xbox 360/ Lionhead Studios

Nov 02, 2008 Video Games Year End 2008 - Best of 2008

Peter Molyneux’s long-awaited followup to 2004’s Fable is so good that it has turned this RPG-hating critic into a full-fledged addict who’s considering leaving his day job and making Fable II his life.

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