Apr 24, 2018 Web Exclusive

Martin Freeman's Andy isn’t the sort of hero who charges into a pack of zombies, machete held high. He’s an everyman, ill-equipped to survive the apocalypse but willing to do anything to ensure his daughter’s safety. More

Apr 23, 2018 Web Exclusive

The Australian co-directors discuss their fresh, emotional take on the zombie apocalypse.  More

Apr 20, 2018 Web Exclusive

The ethos of Son Lux has always been of allowance-absorption. Anything discovered or stumbled upon that perks the ear can be engaged if it enriches the dynamism of the work. Accordingly, flourishes of the myriad genre have flowed in and out of Ryan Lott's compositions since he began officially making music as Son Lux in 2008.  More

Apr 18, 2018

Near the end of our conversation, Gwenno Saunders (who releases music simply under her first name) asks me what channels of media exist in the U.S. for other languages beyond English. Raised on the neglected tongues of Welsh and Cornish, the polyglot singer/songwriter has grown into a fervent crusader for representation. More

Apr 11, 2018 Issue #63 - Courtney Barnett

"I'm roastin' in this van, so I gotta get out of here," Meg Remy, better known to the public as the avant-pop auteur U.S. Girls, says after we've talked for over half an hour. She's calling in early on a Friday morning, alone in a van parked in front of a San Diego Airbnb, getting ready to head to the next city on her tour behind her addicting, incredibly distinct sixth album, the 4AD-released In a Poem UnlimitedMore

Apr 06, 2018 Web Exclusive

Since the mid-1990s, Mark Oliver Everett (aka E) has crafted wildly inventive and stylized orchestral indie rock that blends the philosophical and the heartbreak without ever sounding overly calculating or sentimental.  More

Apr 05, 2018 Web Exclusive

When we connect to talk about her band Hop Along's new album Bark Your Head Off, DogFrances Quinlan is calling from Independence Hall, a leading historical attraction in her native Philadelphia. It's a fitting location given the band's extensive ties to the city, but there's just one problem with it-it's making her impossible to hear.  More

Apr 03, 2018 Issue #63 - Courtney Barnett

Jonathan Meiburg's favorite moment from Loma, his collaborative record with Dan Duszynski and Emily Cross of Cross Record, happened completely by accident. As Meiburg, best known as the mastermind behind 21st century indie mainstay Shearwater, tells it, the song "I Don't Want Children" "happened very quickly, but was completely random. More

Apr 02, 2018 Web Exclusive

Crime fiction is fraught with dark corners, menacing villains, shady double-crosses and twisty plots — usually with unique and memorable backdrops and conflicted, morally ambiguous protagonists. Authors William Boyle and Alex Segura are no strangers to the space, both prepping to unleash their latest works on the world. Blackout, the fourth in Segura’s acclaimed Miami-based Pete Fernandez PI series, finds the recovering alcoholic ex-journalist getting pulled back into a crime he’d failed to solve years before, which also happens to be entangled in the tentacles of a dormant and deadly Miami cult. Boyle’s second novel, The Lonely Witness, tells the story of Amy Falconetti, an ex-party girl now living a solitary life helping the house-bound receive communion in Brooklyn’s Gravesend neighborhood. While following the son of one of her elderly friend’s caretakers, she stumbles into a deadly crime that she feels compelled to solve—but completely unprepared to face. More