Nov 19, 2015 Web Exclusive

Alicia Bognanno is tired. You can practically hear her rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, even through the static of the phone. Luckily that weariness is buoyed out of annoyance by her ineffable excitement for where her life is currently headed. More

Nov 19, 2015 Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

It's a rare sunny day in Glasgow in early July, and the members of CHVRCHES are finally able to take a breath. After an intensive six-month period of writing and recording, they have (as of this afternoon) signed off on the final masters for Every Open Eye, their second full-length release.  More

Nov 17, 2015 Web Exclusive

Alan Sparhawk says I caught him on a chatty day, something that seems to surprise him as much as it does me. Knowing him only through the 11 resolutely inward-looking albums he has made with Mimi Parker, his wife and co-leader in Low, I don't expect him to be quite so outgoing and approachable.  More

Nov 16, 2015 Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

After 22 years as one-half of the husband-and-wife songwriting team in Low, vocalist/guitarist Alan Sparhawk has developed a thesis on longevity. Bands that have been around so long inevitably fall into one of two categories: they either survive by carving out a distinctly identifiable sound and repeating it over and over, or they never allow their aesthetic to fully congeal and attempt to reinvent themselves with each release. More

Nov 13, 2015 Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that adage can be applied to fresh British trio HÆLOS. The threesome, while still in their 20s, have a lengthy and varied collective resume: Lotti Benardout featured on tracks from Redlight, Gorgon City's Foamo, and Kidnap Kid; Arthur Delaney headed up Born Blonde; and Dom Goldsmith was a central figure in the spacey beats outfit Get People. More

Nov 12, 2015 Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

"You get asked in interviews, 'What would your dream collaboration be?' I would always say Tim Presley, and he'd say me," recalls Welsh singer/songwriter Cate Le Bon. After remaining close friends and adoring mutual fans for years, it was perhaps inevitable that Le Bon and White Fence architect Presley would join forces. More

Nov 11, 2015 Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

St. Catherine, Matt Mondanile's fifth and most ambitious album as Ducktails, grapples with romantic entanglement and adult apprehensions in a manner that feels startlingly direct, especially when juxtaposed with the naivety and nostalgia that colored his past releases. However, when it comes to explicating his development as a songwriter, the Ducktails mastermind and Real Estate guitarist is rather nonchalant.  More

Nov 06, 2015 Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

Despite being far removed from current trends, LA Priest is remarkably in tune with them. Sam Dust lives in a field outside Welshpool, England, where he's so far from the city that wandering donkeys and the occasional peacock are his closest neighbors. Then, to make things more intense, he ditched the Internet for more than half a decade. He is, to say the least, focused on his craft. More

Nov 06, 2015 Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

Following the sepulchral, reverb-laden 2010 debut The Waves and the doom-shimmer ripples of 2012's neo-shoegaze Tender New Signs, NYC via New Zealand songwriter Tamaryn Brown (who releases music simply under her first name) felt an impulse to change. More