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Friday, November 27th, 2020  
Paris Berelc on “Hubie Halloween,” Modeling, Disney, and Her Career Family

Nov 06, 2020 Web Exclusive

Paris Berelc lights up the screen. Whether the 21-year-old actor is working on a Disney show with one of her bright young co-stars or whether she’s showcasing her luminescent talents in a movie like Netflix’ Hubie Halloween with Adam Sandler and China Anne McClain, Berelc is one of the fast-rising on-screen performers of the 2020s. More

China Anne McClain on “Hubie Halloween,” “Black Lightning,” and Meeting Michelle Obama

Oct 30, 2020 Web Exclusive

Actor and singer, China Anne McClain, could power a space station with her buoyant energy. In fact, for all we know, she might be doing that right now.  More

Garrett Bradley On Her New Documentary, “Time”

Oct 19, 2020 Web Exclusive

How does one tell the story of 21 years in just 81 minutes? Director Garrett Bradley does this flawlessly in her newest documentary, Time, a brilliant exploration of love, hardship and strength. More

Writer Kathryn Robson on the Sex Shop, Circus of Books, and the Titillating Documentary It Inspired

Oct 07, 2020 Web Exclusive

Surfing through the glorious abundance of Netflix the other day, I chanced upon a fabulous movie about something unexpectedly entertaining: a bookstore. Thankfully, I clicked on the movie and watched it end-to-end in one sitting. That movie? Circus of BooksMore

Chloé Zhao and Peter Spears Talk “Nomadland”

Sep 30, 2020 Web Exclusive

The Duo Explains the Film’s Creation, Production Process and COVID-19 Difficulties. More

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Excellently Detail Bill & Ted’s Latest Adventure

Aug 26, 2020 Web Exclusive

Thirty years after their breakthrough roles as time travelling teenage slackers, renowned action star Keanu Reeves and acclaimed documentarian Alex Winter hopped on Zoom with a handful of reporters to chat about returning to the excellent, bogus, hard rocking roles that started it all. More

Mark Dacascos on his latest film, “One Night in Bangkok”

Aug 24, 2020 Web Exclusive

The actor and martial artist plays a cool, collected hitman. More

Kyle MacLachlan on the new film, “Tesla”

Aug 20, 2020 Web Exclusive

The actor steps into the shoes of America’s most famous inventor. More

Election 2020: J.D. Scholten on Running for Congress in IA-04

Jul 01, 2020

J.D. Scholten didn’t get the chance to beat Steve King this year. He ran against him in 2018, and helped to begin to close the coffin on King’s vampiric political career more than any other Democrat had. He laid the groundwork for the Iowa Republican Party to throw King out on his racist, zombie ass. More