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Mar 28, 2014 Web Exclusive

It’s a wonder how a man who was so accomplished could still be so unknown. How is it that Cesar Chavez—a man who helmed a labor rights movement that began in California and extended to Europe, who was praised by the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, whose slogan “Si, ne puede” was adopted by Barack Obama in 2008—is barely more than a footnote in the pages of American history? Diego Luna—director of Cesar Chavez—believes the lack of recognition is owed partially Chavez lacking the qualities of a typical leader. More

Mar 27, 2014 Web Exclusive

Four years ago, The National was ready to embark on what was to that point the longest and largest world tour of their career. Lead singer Matt Berninger invited along his brother, Tom, to help out on the tour. His band is comprised of two sets of siblings—musicians Aaron and Bryce Dessner, and Bryan and Scott Devendorf—but Matt couldn’t be more different than his own brother. Tom, nine years younger and a devout heavy metal fan, brought his camera along on the road. As the tensions rose, the footage he captured revealed as much about himself and about family as it does the band he set out to document. More

Mar 26, 2014 Web Exclusive

In Breathe In, Felicity Jones stars as Sophie, a troubled foreign exchange student who moves into the upstate New York home of Keith (Guy Pearce) and Megan (Amy Ryan) Reynolds. Keith is a talented musician who was forced to give up his artistic dreams when their daughter (Mackenzie Davis) was born 17 years earlier, and longs to move on from the suburban teaching job he’s held ever since. When he finds a kindred, listless soul in the young, musically-gifted Sophie, a romantic relationship forms and the life he has with his family begins to unravel. More

Feb 27, 2014 Web Exclusive

Crispin Glover recently spoke with us about his role in The Bag Man, his as-yet-untitled next directorial feature, and the current status of the third film in his still-in-progress It? trilogy.  More

Feb 21, 2014 Web Exclusive

Wood took time to speak with us about taking on her most broadly comic role yet, her upcoming film Into the Forest with Ellen Page, and which recent Under the Radar cover artists she’s loving right now. More

Dec 24, 2013 Web Exclusive

Grudge Match director Peter Segal has been helming comedies for the past 20 years. His credits from the last decade include Anger Management, The Longest Yard, and Get Smart. But when the opportunity arose to direct Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone in a boxing film/comedy, Segal had to convince Stallone that Grudge Match would not be a parody. 



Dec 06, 2013

Writer/director Laura Colella felt like she was hitting her head against the wall after her planned third feature film, Liquor Land, failed to get made. Just as it was nearing the production stage, Liquor Land's producers dissolved their company. Frustrated with the stagnation, Colella tried to think of a no-budget project that was hands-on and made the most of the resources that she had. She proposed an idea to her Rhode Island housemates and neighbors, they jumped on board, and her award-winning film, Breakfast With Curtis, was born. More

Nov 29, 2013 Web Exclusive

Kathleen Hanna hopped on the phone with Under the Radar to talk about The Punk Singer, her legacy, and future projects. More

Nov 26, 2013 Web Exclusive

Director Spike Lee’s latest, Oldboy, is a departure for the veteran filmmaker. This time around, he’s tackling a Hollywood remake of a South Korean cult classic. Park Chan-wook’s violent 2003 original was based on a Japanese manga series, and tells the tale of a former businessman who seeks revenge on the people who kept him imprisoned in a single hotel room for over a decade. More