May 08, 2015 Web Exclusive

“This is the most human story that I’ve ever done, and it’s the most human character that I’ve ever played,” says Hollywood action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger. “I also think it’s the most human zombie movie that’s ever been done.” More

May 01, 2015 Web Exclusive

Since her breakthrough role as Lindsay Weir of the cult series Freaks and GeeksLinda Cardellini has become a familiar face in a wide range of television and films, from her long-running role as Samantha Taggart on films as varied as Brokeback Mountain, Returnand the live action Scooby Doo franchise. In recent years, Cardellini played a pivotal role opposite Jon Hamm on Mad Men, for which she earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress, and she currently stars in the Netflix series Bloodline with Kyle Chandler. In Welcome to Me, Cardellini plays Gina, the heroically patient best friend of Alice Klieg (Kristen Wiig), a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder who wins the lottery and uses the money to finance a cable talk show about her life. We chatted with her about her latest film role and distinguished television career. More

Apr 15, 2015 Web Exclusive

Throughout writer/director Alex Garland's sci-fi thriller, Ex Machina, tension gradually mounts between the contrasting realms of nature and technology, where Swedish actress Alicia Vikander found reference points for envisioning Ava, the alluring robot she plays in the film. "I always saw her as something very pure, almost doe-like," Vikander says, adding, "Like Apple products sometimes, it's something very simple and pure and clean." More

Apr 09, 2015 Web Exclusive

All signs point to 2015 being the year when actor Domhnall Gleeson finally becomes a star. He opens strong in the lead role of filmmaker Alex Garland's sci-fi mindbender Ex Machina; later this fall, he's slated to appear in The Revenant, the newest feature from Birdman director (and Oscar winner) Alejandro González Iñárritu. In December, he'll finish out the year with a part in the highly-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens, likely to be 2015's biggest movie. More

Apr 03, 2015 Web Exclusive

In early 1960s London, aspiring filmmakers Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp set out to make a documentary about the city’s rock and roll youth culture, and signed a little-known band named The High Numbers to appear as their subject. That band eventually changed their name to The Who, and became one of music’s most famous acts—but not without the help of the big-thinking, unorthodox management duo behind them. The new documentary, Lambert & Stamp, shines a spotlight on these two iconoclastic characters and the legacy they left on rock and roll music. Earlier this week, director James D. Cooper spoke with us about the documentary’s origins. More

Mar 13, 2015 Web Exclusive

For her lead performance in writer/director David Robert Mitchell's hair-raising horror film, It Follows, Maika Monroe isolated herself on set to adopt the mindset of a teenage girl whose days and nights are spent crying, screaming, and running for her life, haunted by nightmarish visions and the unshakeable fear that an evil, nebulous force is following her wherever she goes  More

Mar 06, 2015 Web Exclusive

In Wild Canaries, director Lawrence Michael Levine stars opposite his wife, actress/director Sophia Takal as a couple sorting out their relationship problems while trying to solve a possible murder in their Brooklyn apartment building. The film is a delightful homage to classic screwball comedies updated for contemporary audiences. We spoke with Levine and Takal about the influences that other films and the New York real estate market had on the conception of their latest feature.  More

Feb 13, 2015 Web Exclusive

The life (or is that un-death?) of a modern-day vampire isn’t all about sparkling skin and fantastic orgies. As the new documentary What We Do in the Shadows sets out to prove, their lives are actually a lot like ours. More

Jan 30, 2015 Web Exclusive

Martin Starr, best known for his work in such television comedies as Freaks and GeeksParty Down, and Silicon Valley, stars in writer-director Sean Mullin’s feature film debut, Amira & Sam. A slightly different sort of role in Starr’s filmography, Amira & Sam is a romantic comedy that deals with some heavy subject matter. In the film, Starr plays Sam, a recently-returned war veteran with hopes of becoming a standup comedian, who enters into a potentially lucrative business partnership with his cousin. Along the way, meets Amira, an Iraqi immigrant whose family has suffered devastating losses in the ongoing war. Despite their differences and the threat of Amira’s impending deportation, the two discover they might be perfectly matched for one another. More