Sep 12, 2014 Web Exclusive

Leigh Janiak’s utterly creepy Honeymoon, Rose Leslie plays a young newlywed who is (quite literally) losing her mind. Portraying a character undergoing such a dramatic transformation would be a challenge for any actor, let alone one taking on a lead role for the first time. But Rose Leslie is up to the task, and Honeymoon should rightfully be her breakout role. She’s best known to this point for her television roles as a housemaid on Downton Abbey and the wildling warrior Ygritte on Game of Thrones. More

Sep 12, 2014 Web Exclusive

Newlyweds Paul and Bea head into the Canadian wilderness to spend their honeymoon at a family cottage. It’s early in the season and aside from a few locals, the two have the picturesque lake community to themselves. But strange things start to happen; one night, Bea wanders into the woods. Her behavior shifts. Quickly, their honeymoon becomes a nightmare. That’s all we can tell you up front about Leigh Janiak’s incredibly creepy first feature, HoneymoonMore

Sep 11, 2014 Issue #50 - June/July 2014 - Future Islands

To listen to him speak, actor John Slattery is humble, gracious, and thoughtfully-spoken. He's a far cry from Roger Sterling, the brash, arrogant advertising executive he's played on Mad Men since 2007. As that acclaimed television drama comes to a close, Slattery is entering a new phase of his career—this time, behind the camera. More

Sep 05, 2014 Web Exclusive

Since the very beginning, Belle and Sebastian's records have been populated by a wide assortment of characters; from Judy, Sukie, and Jane all the way through "Suicide Girl" on Write About LoveIn making his first film, God Help the Girl, Belle and Sebastian singer and songwriter Stuart Murdoch had an opportunity to spend more time with his created characters than ever before.  More

Sep 04, 2014 Web Exclusive

More and more, Emily Browning is someone we’re getting used to seeing in major studio films. The Australian actress had her first big, Hollywood role in Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events, and later went on to star in movies like 2011’s Sucker Punch and this year’s action flick, Pompeii. However, Browning still makes room in her schedule for independent films—especially when she gets a chance to audition for the lead role in a musical directed by the singer of one of her favorite bands. More

Sep 03, 2014 Web Exclusive

Actress Hannah Murray had her breakout role as a teenager, playing Cassie Ainsworth on the British television series Skins. American audiences, however, are more likely to know her from HBO’s Game of Thrones, where she plays Gilly, an escapee from Craster’s camp and love interest to Brother of the Night’s Watch, Sam.

She plays a much cleaner role—as a sheltered rich girl and aspiring singer—in the new musical, God Help the Girl. It’s the directorial debut from Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch. In the movie, budding songwriter Eve (Emily Browning) sneaks out of her mental health facility and connects with musicians James (Olly Alexander) and Cass (Murray). They form a band and make music over the course of a single, magical Glasgow summer. More

Sep 02, 2014 Web Exclusive

Olly Alexander was the first actor Stuart Murdoch cast in his directorial debut, God Help the Girl. While the actor had appeared in several films before that point, including Enter the Void and Gulliver’s Travels, it was his unique audition video—in which Alexander performed a song he’d written on his little Casio keyboard—which caught Murdoch’s attention. More

Sep 01, 2014 Issue #50 - June/July 2014 - Future Islands

James McAvoy may be best recognized in the U.S. for his dramatic turns in acclaimed period films such as Atonement and The Last King of Scotlandand for playing the heroic Professor Charles Xavier in the two most recent X-Men films. The character he plays in Jon Baird's wildly stylized Filth lies on the opposite end of the spectrum. More

Aug 27, 2014 Web Exclusive

While filming 2012’s About Cherry, actor James Franco had the opportunity to explore the former San Francisco Armory. The massive, castle-like building now serves as headquarters for Peter Acworth’s, the Internet’s largest producer of BDSM pornography. The facility is operated not unlike an old Hollywood studio lot, with multiple productions occurring simultaneously across the building’s many sets and soundstages, generating a steady stream of content for’s various websites. More