Dec 07, 2016 Web Exclusive

Steven Okazaki is an Oscar-winning director whose latest project, Mifune: The Last Samurai, chronicles the life of Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune. Mifune rose from the destruction of post-war Japan to leave an indelible mark on cinema from Tokyo to Hollywood. I spoke with Okazaki over the phone about Mifune, nervously watching the minutes on my recording app be picked off like bandits against Kyuzo in Seven Samurai.   More

Dec 06, 2016 Web Exclusive

With dozens of genre credits to his name spanning the last three decades, fewer names or faces have been more synonymous with the horror genre than Bill Moseley’s. Devotees of ‘80s horror flicks will recognize him as Chop Top, brother of Leatherface, from Tobe Hooper’s wild classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2; new school horror fans may better know him as the demented Otis Driftwood in Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects. Others will know him for his music; in particular, the experimental albums he put out with Buckethead under the name Cornbugs. More

Nov 09, 2016 Web Exclusive

Long before he was the host of Food Network staples like Cutthroat Kitchen and Iron Chef America, and long before he’d taken his culinary variety show on tour or authored a shelf’s worth of books, Alton Brown was an aspiring filmmaker. Fresh out of college, the young Brown cut his teeth as a camera man and cinematographer, shooting the music video for “The One I Love” for fellow Georgians R.E.M., and landing steady work on commercials. By the mid-1990s he was overcome by the desire to do something more. Going off a hunch that food-related TV programming was on the brink of exploding, Brown walked away from his comfortable career directing commercials and enrolled in culinary school.  Good Eats was born of Brown’s dual loves for cooking and for visual storytelling. His seminal, award-winning food program—which ran for fourteen seasons, starting in 1999—helped countless viewers get over their fear of the kitchen by serving up the science and history of food preparation with a generous side of humor (and more than a few puppets.) More

Sep 23, 2016 Web Exclusive

Two very different films, Antoine Fuqua's remake of The Magnificent Seven and Terrence Malick's new documentary The Voyage of Time, have one direct through line joining them together. Simon Franglen composed music for both. The films debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival between September 8-18 with two versions of the Malick documentary, one a 45 minute IMAX experience, and the other a feature-length 90 minutes exploring creation and destruction through birth and death and humanity's place on Earth. The Magnificent Seven is a cowboy romp, and a familiar story brought back to the silver screen.  More

Aug 26, 2016 Web Exclusive

Hans Petter Moland has been a stalwart of Norwegian cinema for over two decades. Often playing with dark material, and skirting around the edges of multiple genres, he’s become a regular on the festival circuit, appearing frequently at Cannes and the Berlin Film Festival where his eighth film, In Order of Disappearance, premiered back at the start of 2014. Two and half years down the line and his mix of revenge thriller and black comedy has continued to launch strongly in a number of regions, leading to a US release. The film set in Norway stars acclaimed Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård, best known to US audiences for blockbusters ranging from the Marvel films to Pirates of the Caribbean.

In their fourth film together, Skarsgård plays Nils, a taciturn snowplow operator who embarks on an amateur and very bloody revenge mission when his son is killed by local gangsters. His actions inadvertently spark a gang war, sending the body count spiraling. Hans spoke to us recently to discuss mixing genres, the rise of Norwegian cinema, and working with Stellan Skarsgård. More

Aug 25, 2016 Web Exclusive

At the age of 65, Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård has just about done it all by now. In a career stretching back nearly five decades he’s appeared in everything from Hollywood blockbusters to acclaimed foreign language films and award winning TV series’. He’s perhaps best known to American audiences for his role as Dr. Erik Selvig in four Marvel films and Bootstrap Bill in two Pirates of the Caribbean films, not to mention roles in the likes of Good Will Hunting and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. More

Jul 22, 2016 Web Exclusive

By any conceivable measure, Keegan-Michael Key and Mike Birbiglia are comedians at the top of their games. Key is fresh off a year which saw him wrap up his hit Comedy Central sketch show, Key & Peele; in which he was invited by President Obama to perform at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and is now headlining comedies. Birbiglia recently completed the run on his acclaimed one-man, Off-Broadway show, and is now releasing his second feature as a filmmaker, Don’t Think Twice, to rave reviews. More

Jul 21, 2016 Web Exclusive

In Don’t Think Twice, Kate Micucci plays Allison, a member of the tightly-knit improv group The Commune, whose performance space is unexpectedly shut down when their landlord gives them the boot. As her best friends and longtime collaborators splinter and go their separate ways, her character turns back to a cartooning career she let fall by the wayside many years earlier. Micucci is a cartoonist herself, which was something that excited the film’s director, Mike Birbiglia. The filmmaker incorporated Micucci’s real drawings into the movie, in which he also stars with Keegan-Michael Key, Chris Gethard, Gillian Jacobs, and Tami Sagher. More

Jul 20, 2016 Web Exclusive

Comedian Chris Gethard has been a fixture of the New York improv scene since the turn of the millennium, which made him an invaluable resource to his friend, director, and co-star Mike Birbiglia as he was writing the what would eventually become Don’t Think Twice. The film—Birbiglia’s second, following Sleepwalk With Me—revolves around an improvisation troupe called The Commune, whose close friendships are put to the test when their performance space closes and one of their own is called up to join the cast of a late-night program in the vein of SNL. Jealousies flare, egos are dented, and the six members of the group are forced to re-evaluate the choices they’ve made in their lives and careers. More