May 04, 2017 Web Exclusive

Take Me is a grand departure from Piper Chapman, the lead character Taylor Schilling has played on Orange is the New Black going on five seasons. It’s also the feature directorial debut for co-star Pat Healy, a longtime writer and actor known for memorable turns in great indie genre flicks like Cheap ThrillsCompliance, and The Innkeepers. More

May 01, 2017 Web Exclusive

From his beginnings as the Sex Pistols’ snarling Johnny Rotten through decades at the helm of his own ever-morphing band, Public Image Ltd (or PiL, for short), John Lydon has for more than 40 years served as one of rock and roll’s most influential and outspoken stars. He’s the subject of The Public Image is Rotten, a new documentary which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. More

Apr 28, 2017 Web Exclusive

Aardvark is the feature debut by director Brian Shoaf, who was trained as an actor before eventually stepping behind the camera. The film also stars Jenny Slate, Jon Hamm, and Sheila Vand, and made its premiere at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. More

Apr 27, 2017 Web Exclusive

The Last Poker Game is a strong showcase for its two stars, both elder statesmen of their craft and living, working legends of the screen. The film’s director, Howard Weiner, is a rookie filmmaker – at 72 years old. More

Apr 25, 2017 Web Exclusive

For his latest feature, writer-director Dito Montiel (A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints) tells the story of Eddie Krumble (Ed Helms), a man whose life – and second chance at love – is thrown into chaos by unexpected (and undesired) viral fame.  More

Apr 07, 2017 Web Exclusive

Even though filmmaker Joe Swanberg was directing scenes with Jake Johnson and Keegan Michael-Key — two comedic actors renowned for being quick on their feet — his latest film was the least improvisational of the director’s career. Titled Win It All, the movie has the most fleshed out plot of any Swanberg movie, featuring a story written by him and Johnson about a fiendish gambler plays away an entire duffel bag full of cash belonging to a dangerous convict. The result: more positive reviews than any film Swanberg has garnered in his career of niche, off-the-cuff style flicks. More

Apr 06, 2017 Web Exclusive

Imagine The Hangover mixed with Leaving Las Vegas and Godzilla and you won’t have anything remotely like Colossal, but you might get a sense for how out there it is. More

Mar 26, 2017 Web Exclusive

In Wilson, the third illustrated story of artist and writer Daniel Clowes to be adapted for the screen, we are again nudged to pay attention to the overlooked and misunderstood. The difficulty in relating for societal outliers previously touched on in Ghost World and Art School Confidential are maxed out in the character of Wilson, the latest of Clowes’ offbeat protagonists to find cinematic vitality. More

Feb 24, 2017 Web Exclusive

A lost boy sets out across the perilous backstreets of Calcutta, defying the odds and finding an adoptive Western family. Years later he makes an equally compelling journey across a digital landscape, traversing Google Maps to find his way home again, and reunite with his mother. The inspirational sweep of that story for Lion helped Luke Davies secure an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. Davies tells us about turning Brierley’s autobiography, A Long Way Home, into an Oscar darling. More