Apr 05, 2016 Issue # 56 - Best of 2015 - Father John Misty and Wolf Alice

In 2015 DC Comics staged another massive relaunch, shaking up the DC universe yet again. Among the superhero classics to enjoy a fresh take is Black Canary, aka Dinah Lance, a badass crimefighter whose powers include a supersonic scream that can level a building, which sparked writer Brenden Fletcher's idea of putting her in front of a band. More

Apr 01, 2016 Web Exclusive

With his latest film, Meet the Blacks, Deon Taylor returns to his roots in horror to spoof the 2013 thriller, The Purge, while continuing to address race relations and prejudices, but this time with humor. More

Jul 29, 2015 Web Exclusive

In Wet Hot American Summer, Kevin Sussman played Steve, an eccentric, socially-stunted resident at Camp Firewood who appeared to have the ability to control the weather.  More

May 18, 2015 Web Exclusive

Nearly three years ago, prolific writer and DC Comics Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns, and his frequent collaborator, artist Gary Frank, made a splash with their fantastic reimagining of Batman, Batman: Earth One. The first volume of the on-going graphic novel series witnessed a young, relatively inexperienced Batman whose driving mission was to find—and punish—his parents' killers.  More

Sep 17, 2014 Web Exclusive

Grant Morrison has been writing comic books for over 35 years, and his output and impact on the medium since have been incredible. Morrison has contributed to Animal ManNew X-MenSpawnDoom Patrol, JLA, and myriad other titles over his impressive career. More

Sep 05, 2014 Web Exclusive

For this interview, we talk to Mark Millar. Mark Millar is a prolific Scottish comic book author and filmmaker. His first published comic, Saviour, ran for six issues between 1989 and 1990 and was published by Leicester, U.K. based Trident Comics. More

Aug 22, 2013 Web Exclusive

At its simplest, Cartozia Tales is an anthology of fantasy stories created by independent cartoonists. At its most complex, Cartozia Tales is a "mapjam," or "a collaborative, serialized experiment in world-building," requiring an editorial vision and participant cohesion beyond most anthology titles. It's a case where the imaginations of many are more than the sum of the parts. series editor Isaac Cates talks about his process and plans to Kickstart a 10-issue run. More

Jun 28, 2013 Web Exclusive

If you're into comics at all, chances are you've got strong opinions about Scottish comic book writer Grant Morrison. Widely loved for his work on JLA, The Invisibles, We3, and All Star Superman, and widely panned for his work on Final Crisis and Batman R.I.P., Morrison has become something of a measuring stick for comic fans: If you love him, you really love him, and if you hate him, you really hate him. And somehow, even his most ardent opposition respects the sheer audacity and imagination in every piece of writing Morrison produces. More

Jun 21, 2013 Web Exclusive

On June 14, James Andrew Clark and Dave Wachter posted a Kickstarter campaign for their lauded web comic, The Guns of Shadow Valley, with the primary goal to bring it to print as a hardcover. Despite the comic having been on hiatus for a pretty good stretch, the great art and compelling story of superpowered gunslingers in the Old West proved to maintain its fan base... and then some. Merely days later, and well in advance of the deadline, they've blown their $24,000 goal out of the water. Clark and Wachter found some time to answer questions about their book. More

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