Jun 28, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

Charles Bradley tells a story about when he was asked by Daptone Records head honcho Gabe Roth to perform at Sharon Jones' 50th birthday party in 2006, and he was given a song to memorize.  More

Jun 27, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

"This is an arrival album, not a transitional album." To listen to frontman Warren Spicer explain where exactly Plants and Animals have landed on Waltzed in From the Rumbling is to hear of a land of creative freedom and newfound energy. It's a land free from pressure and expectation. It's a world apart from their previous album. More

Jun 24, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

Despite dating and making music together for several years as Cat’s Eyes, last summer was the first time Faris Badwan visited Rachel Zeffira’s tiny Canadian hometown, located some 10 hours outside of Vancouver. Zeffira’s wash of emotions, generated by the experience of bringing her boyfriend back to her childhood home, was captured in the swoony ballad “Everything Moves,” found on the duo’s sophomore full-length, Treasure HouseMore

Jun 22, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

In the opening seconds of "The Last Thing on My Mind," the lead single off The Joy Formidable's third album, Hitch, listeners are provided an ears-only glimpse of the band before the final count in to the song's thumping, ever-present riff. More

Jun 17, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

When Caveman frontman Matt Iwanusa takes a listen to Otero War, the New York-based band's new album, he can't pinpoint any weak points. That's because he went into the project fully focused and ready to spend time perfecting the songs.  More

Jun 15, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

Dim the lights," says John Carpenter, revered filmmaker and musician. "Put the album on.... Close your eyes and just let your mind go. Tap into that invisible movie that plays in your head. Let it flow, and let our music be your soundtrack." More

Jun 13, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

"I just think of the record as ecstatic depressive realism, but I'm kind of laughing when I'm saying that but I'm also being fucking truthful," says Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie of the band's twelfth album, Chaosmosis. More

Jun 10, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

Following an auspicious singles collection in 2013's Early Fragments, and their even better debut LP Loom, released in 2014, Fear of Men established themselves as a highly idiosyncratic entity in the annals of British indie pop music.  More

Jun 08, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

Karl Hyde has been keeping an online diary for 16 and a half years. This medium is a great storage space for Hyde, who as Underworld's frontman is known for his fractured, stream-of-consciousness lyrics.  More