Oct 15, 2014 Web Exclusive

"It's only been in the last few months that I've realized Spiderland is an enduring record. I kept waiting for it to be forgotten," remarks David Pajo. The Slint guitarist, who has agreed to give us his song-by-song impressions of the now-classic album, isn't speaking with false modesty; at the time of its 1991 release, Spiderland puzzled most reviewers and went largely unnoticed by the listening public. More

Oct 10, 2014 Web Exclusive

Even though he has never spoken to me, Andrew Lincoln greets me by saying my name like I'm an old friend. Talk to him for 20 minutes, and you realize it's not an act. He listens carefully, laughs frequently, and thinks deeply about every topic thrown at him, and he seems to genuinely enjoy it all, as if you're doing him a favor by allowing him to reflect on his five years as Rick Grimes. More

Oct 01, 2014 Web Exclusive

"You're having breakfast with me," says James frontman Tim Booth from his home in Los Angeles. "Give me one second while I just grab some water. Actually, fire away with the questions. It'll be fine. I can multitask on a good day." More

Sep 29, 2014 Web Exclusive

In 2013, Mackenzie Scott (aka Torres) released her debut album. Torres was a fantastic introduction to a talented artist, a singer/songwriter adept at both the furious and the calm, the soul-baring and the storytelling, the dark and the light. More

Sep 24, 2014 Issue #50 - June/July 2014 - Future Islands

Future Islands frontman Samuel T. Herring is in a good mood. He punctuates his sentences with laughter, and even across an occasionally static phone connection (Herring is driving a rented tour van from Florida to Maryland before the band embarks on the next leg of shows) you can almost hear his wide grin. More

Sep 23, 2014 Issue #50 - June/July 2014 - Future Islands

It's the night after Future Islands' network television debut on The Late Show, and David Letterman is trying not to laugh. "Let's dance!" he declares, after a joke about a candy store falls flat. The shot cuts to footage from the band's performance, featuring frontman Samuel T. Herring's theatrical, sidestepping dance moves. More

Sep 18, 2014 Web Exclusive

Today is a historic day in Scotland as it is the day the nation votes on the Scottish Independence Referendum. The people of Scotland get to vote on whether or not to secede from the United Kingdom and have Scotland become its own country. Here various Scottish musicians weigh in on the subject. More

Sep 16, 2014 Issue #50 - June/July 2014 - Future Islands

It's hard not to be a third wheel when listening in on a conversation between Sharon Van Etten and The War on Drugs' Adam Granduciel. Having met while Van Etten was recording 2010's Epic in a Philadelphia studio near Granduciel's house, the two songwriters share not only a friendship and a mutual admiration of each other's work, but also a set of memories collected while touring together in 2012. More

Sep 11, 2014 Issue #34 - Year End 2010 - Sufjan Stevens

For this Throwback Thursday we revisit our 2010 article on Florence and the Machine (aka Florence Welch). The article was our second print article on her, ran in the Best of 2010 issue, and centered on her crazy year since the release of her 2009 debut album, Lungs. A year later she released her acclaimed second album, Ceremonials, and we hope we won't have to wait too much longer for her third effort.  More