Jan 29, 2019 Web Exclusive

Some TV shows are too good for this world. Some are cancelled before their time. Some capture lightning in a bottle once and are unable to replicate it. Others go on a little too long (Scrubs, Frasier). Some have to battle with their studios to stay on the air just long enough to finish up their stories (The Wire).  More

Jan 11, 2019 Web Exclusive

Three of the most important things in politics are timing, having a good story, and personality. And money. Money's super important! But money can't buy It. I don't know where It comes from but I've covered the Fettermans for a few years and whatever It is, they have It.  More

Jan 07, 2019 Web Exclusive

There's a title track for Peter Bjorn and John's new album, but you'll never hear itat least not now. More

Nov 12, 2018 Web Exclusive

In the not-too-distant future – next Thursday, A.D. – the cult movie-riffing show Mystery Science Theater 3000 will return to Netflix with six new episodes comprising the series’ 12th season. More

Nov 01, 2018

Some singer/songwriters are content to write protest songs during times of political turmoil, if they write protest songs at all. But not Jim James. More

Mar 08, 2018 Web Exclusive

Paul Rust is every bit the modern TV star, driving towards the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, as I speak to him the week before the release of the third and final season of Netflix original Love. The show is produced by Judd Apatow and created by Rust alongside his wife Lesley Arfin. More

Dec 11, 2017 Web Exclusive

Equal parts action and comedy, the upcoming Amazon series Jean-Claude Van Johnson – debuting on December 15th – feels like a gift from Jean-Claude Van Damme to his fans. In the show, the Belgian martial arts superstar plays a version of himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme. The series supposes that the master of high kicks and wide splits was recruited by a top secret black ops unit early in his career, and that the movies he made over the last 30 years – often filmed in far-off countries – were actually a cover for dangerous, James Bond-like espionage missions. His operative name? The not-suspicious-sounding-at-all “Jean-Claude Van Johnson.” More

Nov 22, 2017 Web Exclusive

Grim. Gruesome. Unrelenting. Those intense adjectives and more would be apt describing The Punisherthe latest Marvel Universe series streaming on Netflix. More

Apr 12, 2017 Web Exclusive

We spoke with series creator Joel Hodgson and the Satellite of Love’s new resident human, Jonah Ray, about bringing back the beloved movie-riffing show. More