Aug 21, 2015 Web Exclusive

In 2008, The Walking Dead executive producer Gale Anne Hurd had no reason to believe that the zombie drama would ever be anything more than a cable TV curiosity.  More

Aug 20, 2015 Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

Cliff Curtis isn't used to playing nice guys. Over his 22-year career, the New Zealand-born actor has played a gang member (Training Day), an FBI man (Live Free or Die Hard), a cranky Marine (Runaway Jury), and a variety of drug dealers and otherwise unsavory characters (Bringing Out the Dead,Blow). More

Jul 31, 2015 Web Exclusive

In both the movie and the new prequel series First Day of Camp, co-creator Michael Showalter also stars as teenage camp counselor Gerald “Coop” Cooperberg, a lovesick young man with significant girl problems. More

Jul 30, 2015 Web Exclusive

In the cult classic comedy—as well as the new Netflix prequel series, First Day of Camp—Joe Lo Truglio played Neil, a geeky counselor forced to take heroic action when his friend abandons campers on a dangerous river rafting expedition. More

Jul 29, 2015 Web Exclusive

We chat with Randall Park about First Day of CampFresh Off the Boatand the dead-on Eminem impression he did on Scheer-RL. More

Jul 28, 2015 Web Exclusive

In Wet Hot American Summer, Marguerite Moreau played teenage camp counselor Katie, Andy’s (Paul Rudd) girlfriend and the object of Coop’s (Michael Showalter) affections. In the Netflix prequel series First Day of Camp, we’ll learn just how these romantic entanglements became so entangled. More

Jul 28, 2015 Web Exclusive

In First Day of Camp—set several weeks before the events of 2001’s Wet Hot American Summer—Michael Ian Black reprises his role as teenage camp counselor McKinley Dozen. We talked to him about making the original film and its new prequel series, filming sex scenes, working with his colleagues from The State, and the focus of his upcoming memoir. More

Jul 27, 2015 Web Exclusive

Following years of working with him on the Adult Swim series Childrens Hospital, Bell was invited by director David Wain to join the cast of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. In the eight-part prequel series to the 2001 cult film, Bell plays a new teenage counselor named Donna. More

Jul 27, 2015 Web Exclusive

Nearly 15 years after making the original cult classic, David Wain and Michael Showalter have re-teamed for a follow-up—a prequel, actually—titled Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. More