Apr 06, 2015 Web Exclusive

It's probably hard to find someone who loves going to work more than Alyssa Sutherland, and she has all the reason in the world to be so pumped. The Australian actress and model stars in History Channel's award-winning series, Vikings, as Princess Aslaug, Ragnar Lothbrok's wife and the most powerful woman in their village.   More

Mar 20, 2015 Web Exclusive

[Spoiler alert: If you haven't watched last week's episode, "Spend," which aired March 15, then read no further.Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has said that he works hard to give his characters a suitable end, leaving the most memorable (and most gruesome) deaths for the show's most significant characters. More

Feb 20, 2015 Web Exclusive

When The Walking Dead began holding auditions for the role of Rosita Espinosa in July of 2013, it's unlikely that hardcore fans of the comic would have placed Christian Serratos on the shortlist of candidates. More

Nov 19, 2014 Web Exclusive

Mia Maestro began acting in 1998 in the dance drama Tango and she hasn't stopped since, continuing with a recurring role on Alias and a part in the final two Twilight movies, among others. The actress, whose latest role is the vampire slaying Centers for Disease Control worker Dr. Nora Martinez in the FX series, The Strain, has another passion, though: singing. More

Nov 17, 2014 Web Exclusive

In October 2013, the anonymous British street artist known as Banksy announced a month-long New York residency named “Better Out Than In.” For 31 days, Banksy unveiled one new work per day spread out across the city’s five boroughs. Little advance notice was given about any individual piece; instead, Banksy offered hints at each work’s location through social media outlets. This resulted in a month-long, city-spanning scavenger hunt, where fans and followers rushed madly to see the pieces before they were defaced by rival graffiti taggers, painted over by unhappy business owners, or outright stolen by thieves looking to cash in for a big payday. More

Oct 12, 2014 Web Exclusive

Given Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's contrarian reputation—he has boasted on numerous occasions that the intensity of Daryl Dixon fans has made him more eager to kill off the character—I half expected him to be a combative person to interview. In fact, he's exactly the opposite. Five minutes late for our conversation, he apologizes profusely, then gives me 10 more minutes of his time than he'd previously agreed to, even though he has a full day at the New York Comic-Con ahead of him. Talk to him for just a few minutes and it becomes clear that what might appear to be a desire to torture Walking Dead fans is really Kirkman's dry wit. Who would have guessed that the man who has plumbed the depths of human despair in his work would also harbor a dark sense of humor? More

Oct 09, 2014 Web Exclusive

If Gale Anne Hurd's only claim to fame was being the producer and co-writer of Terminator (1984), her place in entertainment history would be set. Only 28 at the time, she had her whole career ahead of her, and she has used her time well, adding Aliens (1986), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) and a few dozen other films to her resume.  More

Oct 09, 2014 Web Exclusive

It must be hell trying to supply memorable moments to every member of such a large cast, but the writers of The Walking Dead have the benefit of being able to capture human beings at every stage of emotion that accompanies living through a zombie apocalypse.  More

Oct 08, 2014 Web Exclusive

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of The Walking Dead's nearly unprecedented success is the fact that it is built upon so many actors that hardly anyone knew before the show became a ratings juggernaut. Steven Yeun, Emily Kinney, Melissa McBridethese were actors who were pretty much completely unknown by American audiences when the show debuted in October of 2010. More