The Day of the Jackal

Studio: Arrow Video

Oct 03, 2018 DVDs

This may very well be the most intricately-woven and finely-executed suspense film ever crafted. More

Oct 02, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

As the title states, Tom Petty is an American treasure, and this posthumously released set proves it over 60 largely unreleased songs, alternate versions, and live tracks. More

Oct 01, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Equal parts documentary and dramatization, the film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize during its 1999 premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. More

Tokyo Police Club


Dine Alone

Oct 01, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Instead of mailing it in and ending Tokyo Police Club's decade long career with a whimper, singer/bassist and principal songwriter Dave Monks convinced the band to come together in the studio, shed all expectations and past pressures, and just have fun being in a band making rock music.   More

Sep 28, 2018 TV Web Exclusive

So, here we are: for its third season, The Good Place, a show about the afterlife, is taking place on Earth. Alrighty then. More

Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town

Studio: Shout! Factory

Sep 28, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Anyone who grew up on a diet of late-90s Miramax releases will probably find something to like in Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town. More

Lala Lala

The Lamb

Hardly Art

Sep 28, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Grief, paranoia, and sobriety. These are states of mind in which our faith in humanity dissipates. That's exactly the case for Lillie West's Hardly Art debut, The LambMore

Hold the Dark

Studio: Netflix
Directed by Jeremy Saulnier

Sep 28, 2018 Cinema Web Exclusive

After a pair of knockout genre films in recent years (Blue Ruin and Green Room), director Jeremy Saulnier’s Hold the Dark arrives on Netflix with a greater set of expectations. More

All About Nina

Studio: The Orchard
Directed by Eva Vives

Sep 27, 2018 Cinema Web Exclusive

Films about the lives of talented fictional artists can easily set themselves up for failure. More