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Thursday, October 17th, 2019  

Oct 07, 2019 Books

Will Birch's extensive and engaging biography of Nick Lowe is everything any Nick Lowe fan could want.  More

Sep 27, 2019 Books

Karen Abbott's The Ghosts of Eden Park tells the remarkable story of bootlegger George Remus with crime novel zest, and a furious attention to detail. More

Jul 29, 2019 Books

Craven Rock documents Insane Clown Posse and its annual Gathering of the Juggalos in this "Gonzo Ethnology." More

Jul 16, 2019 Books Web Exclusive

A culmination of over 50 years of research from blues historians Bruce Conforth and Gayle Dean Wardlow, Up Jumped the Devil is as definitive a Robert Johnson history as will likely ever be written. More

Jul 02, 2019 Books Web Exclusive

With No Walls and the Recurring Dream, feminist icon and folk troubadour Ani DiFranco presents an unvarnished look at her life and art up until the early 2000s. More

May 27, 2019 Books Web Exclusive

In Where You Goin' With That Gun in Your Hand?, Keith Elliot Greenberg has written a primer of sorts, compiling the stories of 21 different rock and roll tragedies, from Brian Jones and Kurt Cobain to Sam Cooke and Selena. More

Patrick McGuinness

Throw Me to the Wolves

Published by Bloomsbury

Apr 30, 2019 Books Web Exclusive

In his third book, Patrick McGuinness takes on a murder and the media's propensity to jump to conclusions. More

Mike “McBeardo” McPadden

Teen Movie Hell

Published by Bazillion Points

Apr 12, 2019 Books Web Exclusive

Over the course of Teen Movie Hell, McPadden runs the gauntlet of coming-of-age comedies, “from Animal House to Zapped!More

Apr 01, 2019 Books

With this oral history, noted music writer Greg Prato picks apart with precision the entirety of King's X's musical history. More