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Tuesday, March 31st, 2020  

Mar 20, 2020 Books

To Live and Defy in LA is much more than the story of the rise of West coast rap. It's a sociocultural history of the late '70s and '80s, examining the social and political dynamics that led to what became known as gangsta rap. More

David Vincent with Joel McIver

I Am Morbid

Published by Jawbone Press

Mar 06, 2020 Books

More for the devoted fan than the casual music book lover, I Am Morbid paints a nice black picture of David Vincent, Morbid Angel, and the extreme metal scene the band influenced. More

Dec 04, 2019 Books

Defenders of the Faith is photographic testament of the importance of the patch-covered jacket to metalheads worldwide.  More

The Writers at TheHardTimes.Net

The Hard Times: The First 40 Years

Published by Mariner/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Nov 26, 2019 Books

Since 2014, TheHardTimes.Net has been churning out music satire. The First 40 Years is its first book, compiling some of the site's best work. More

Nov 18, 2019 Books

Journalist Kathy Iandoli sets the record straight in her important book chronicling the history of women in rap and hip-hop.  More


Acid for the Children

Published by Grand Central

Nov 11, 2019 Books

Flea tells his origin story in the engaging, wonderfully written Acid for the Children. More

Oct 17, 2019 Books

In To Feel the Music, Neil Young, along with colleague Phil Baker, chronicle their years-long struggle to make Young's Pono player a reality and in turn change the way we listen to digital music. More

Oct 07, 2019 Books

Will Birch's extensive and engaging biography of Nick Lowe is everything any Nick Lowe fan could want.  More

Sep 27, 2019 Books

Karen Abbott's The Ghosts of Eden Park tells the remarkable story of bootlegger George Remus with crime novel zest, and a furious attention to detail. More