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Tuesday, August 9th, 2022  

Ordinary People

Studio: Paramount Presents

Apr 11, 2022 DVDs Web Exclusive

Robert Redford’s directorial debut, Ordinary People, is a deeply profound and thought-provoking look at a family shattered by trauma.


Written on the Wind

Studio: The Criterion Collection

Apr 07, 2022 DVDs Web Exclusive

Douglas Sirk’s 1956 melodrama received a much-needed Blu-ray upgrade.



Studio: The Criterion Collection

Apr 04, 2022 DVDs Web Exclusive

Márta Mészáros’ 1975 Golden Bear winner arrives on Blu-ray from The Criterion Collection.


The Last Waltz

Studio: The Criterion Collection

Mar 30, 2022 DVDs Web Exclusive

Scorsese’s documentary is a wonderful-sounding, beautiful-looking portrait of a musical group reflecting on their then sixteen-year long creative journey.


Mar 28, 2022 DVDs Web Exclusive

Arrow Video collects four atomic age thrillers from prolific b-movie producer Sam Katzman.


Mar 22, 2022 DVDs Web Exclusive

One of the ultimate Cinerama spectacles has been lovingly restored and delivered to home video by Warner Archive.


Escape from L.A. [4K UHD]

Studio: Paramount

Mar 18, 2022 DVDs Web Exclusive

While Escape from L.A. is most definitely a sequel to Escape from New York, it’s also very much a remake.


Phenomena [4K UHD]

Studio: Synapse Films

Mar 16, 2022 DVDs Web Exclusive

One of Dario Argento’s weirder films receives a jaw-dropping 4K restoration and context-providing bonus materials in this stacked UHD edition from Synapse.


Mar 11, 2022 DVDs Web Exclusive

Albert Pyun’s fantastical debut feature returns in an extras-packed for its 40th anniversary.