Cat People

Studio: Criterion

Sep 23, 2016 DVDs Web Exclusive

There are a lot of things that should throw up red flags in any new relationship, but if your fiancée believes she’s descended from a line of Serbian witches who turn into throat-ripping panthers at the first touch of intimacy, boy, you best run. More


Studio: RLJ Entertainment
Directed by John Moore

Sep 23, 2016 Cinema Web Exclusive

A man who spends his time covertly photographing women, hitting on 17-year-olds, and sitting at home with his top off in front of a massive array of screens spying on people is probably not to be trusted. Alas, no one tells Pierce Brosnan until he’s already let the guy into his life. More

Sep 22, 2016 Music Issue #58 - The Protest Issue

Jenn Wasner is best known as the frontwoman of Baltimore indie-rock duo Wye Oak, but over the last few years, she's demonstrated a tendency to transcend genre and other limitations. More

The Lovers and the Despot

Studio: Magnolia
Directed by Robert Cannan and Ross Adam

Sep 22, 2016 Cinema Web Exclusive

A film star is kidnapped! A director disappears mysteriously! Reunited by an evil overlord who forces them to make films to suit his will and whims! More

Sep 22, 2016 Books Web Exclusive

The Boys of Dunbar is not only a book about the best high school basketball team in the nation, which spawned several NBA greats, it's a story about courage, leadership, hard work, and overcoming obstacles. More

Sep 21, 2016 Music Issue #58 - The Protest Issue

Following quickly on the heels of several EPs and last year's excellent debut LP, The Things We Do to Find People Who Think Like UsBeach Slang has quickly released the follow-up less than a year later.  More


Studio: Paramount
Directed by Andrew Neel

Sep 21, 2016 Cinema Web Exclusive

Goat, a film based on Brad Land’s memoir recounting his experience pledging a fraternity, treats this widely-accepted American rite of passage with the horror it deserves. More

Sep 20, 2016 Music Web Exclusive

After collaborating to produce one of the top five best-selling albums of all time, a schism grew between singer Meat Loaf and songwriter Jim Steinman. It took them 16 years to make amends and follow Bat Out of Hell with its potent sequel, Bat Out of Hell II; however, their peace treaty was short-lived. More

My Blind Brother

Studio: Starz Digital
Directed by Sophie Goodhart

Sep 20, 2016 Cinema Web Exclusive

As the blind, overachieving Robbie, Scott hilariously plays his most punchable character yet—an impressive feat for an actor who seems to specialize in douchebaggier comedy roles. More