House of Games

Studio: The Criterion Collection

May 24, 2019 DVDs Web Exclusive

House of Games, the first film David Mamet directed after a decade of writing, has most of the hallmarks of a great Mamet script, but the acting sells it short. More

May 24, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

For the better part of seven decades, the inimitable Mavis Staples has served us all as prophet and priest. At times, the gospel legend will stand and sings from the periphery with a harsh prophetic voice, calling us all toward our better selves. More


Mars Audiac Quintet

Warp/Duophonic UHF Disks

May 23, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

In 1994 Stereolab were slowly becoming a recognizableif not quite householdname. Television appearances on shows such as Channel 4's The Word and MTV's 120 Minutes had raised the band's profile somewhat to the point where expectations surrounding the imminent arrival of album number three had reached fever pitch in some circles.

May 23, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

If there's one band deserving of some long overdue recognition for their contribution to shaping music it must be Stereolab. More

Diamonds of the Night

Studio: The Criterion Collection

May 22, 2019 DVDs Web Exclusive

Jan Nemec’s 1966 feature debut was an international sensation and a standout film of the Czechoslovak New Wave. More

May 22, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Los Angeles gets a bad reputation from so many people who judge it from their position outside the snowglobe of the city, people whose experience of it is often fleeting and transient. Endless movies and songs have been written about it, tales of disappointment or elegies for dreams deferred. More

May 21, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

On Big Thief's rapturous and microcosmic third album, U.F.O.F., the band find themselves vibrating through the grand designs of nature, looking to the stars and pondering the hidden connections that envelop us all.  More

May 21, 2019 Music Web Exclusive

Liverpudlian quartet Clinic have bewildered listeners and confounded expectations for over two decades now. So it shouldn't come as any surprise that Wheeltappers and Shunters continues that trait. More

The Heiress

Studio: The Criterion Collection

May 20, 2019 DVDs Web Exclusive

Adapted from a 1947 stage play, The Heiress is a gothic romance but feels strongly of a piece with the film noir genre, which was reaching its zenith in the late 1940s. More