The Passion of Joan of Arc

Studio: Criterion

Mar 21, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

The Passion of Joan of Arc defies the expectations of silent film. More


(HBO, Sundays at 10:30 p.m.)

Mar 21, 2018 TV Web Exclusive

Barry Berkman, or should that be Barry Block, is a fish out of water not once, but twice. Bill Hader's title character in Barry, a show he also co-created and co-directs, is a Midwest army vet stuck in the daily grind of low rent hitmanning.  More

Mar 21, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Stereolab pushed the envelope of electro-pop niceties, and, years later, Cavern of Anti-Matter is pushing it further. With co-singer/songwriters Tim Gane and Lætitia Sadier at the helm, Stereolab released a handful of seminal albums in the 1990s and early 2000sattracting such big names in music as Damon Albarn from Blur and the band Tortoise.  More



Mar 20, 2018 Comic Books Web Exclusive

Clue, indeed based on the classic board game, fleshes out the enduring murder mystery from that game with more modern sensibilities. And, gosh, there's a lot to like about Clue—the design is wonderful, the art (Nelson Daniel) equally so. More

Mar 20, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

With their membership spread across multiple continents, it makes sense that Superorganism would draw from a wide range of influences. Their sound is every bit a brightly-colored collage as their video aesthetic: a blend of modern meme imagery and Windows 95-era nostalgia.  More

The Lion in Winter: 50th Anniversary Edition

Studio: Kino Lorber Studio Classics

Mar 20, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Imagine Game of Thrones if there were no magic and every character was a Littlefinger-level schemer. More

Mar 19, 2018 Music Web Exclusive

Baby's come back. Although the band have been performing sporadic (and excellent) shows since reuniting in 2011, the Hot Snakes-sized hole in our heart has been pining for a proper album for 14 years.  More

Downfall: Collector’s Edition

Studio: Shout! Factory

Mar 19, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Downfall remains one of the most brutally impactful World War II narrative films made to this date. More


Studio: IFC Midnight
Directed by Julius Ramsay

Mar 16, 2018 Cinema Web Exclusive

This simple murder cover-up story is filled with surprising twists and turns. More