Jan 27, 2015 Music Issue #52 - September/October 2014 - St. Vincent

Young Ejecta (formerly Ejecta) returns with an excellent new six song "mini-album," further exploring many of the ideas from their wildly underrated 2013 full-length debut, Dominae. More

The Palm Beach Story Blu-ray

Studio: Criterion

Jan 26, 2015 DVDs Web Exclusive

Geraldine Jeffers hitches a train to Palm Beach, where she plans to get a divorce and grant her husband, Tom, his financial freedom—and find herself a new, wealthier husband willing to take her as a trophy wife. More

Olympians: Ares: Bringer of War

First Second

George O'Connor

Jan 26, 2015 Comic Books Web Exclusive

The seventh installment of George O'Connor's graphic novel treatment of the Greek gods is by far the series' most violent. Set against the backdrop of the Trojan War, Ares: Bringer of War chronicles the bloodthirsty deity's involvement in the decade-long struggle between the Greeks and the Trojans. More

Three Sides Live

Studio: Eagle Rock

Jan 26, 2015 DVDs Web Exclusive

Three Sides Live, reissued here for the first time on Blu-Ray and stand-alone DVD, stands as the ultimate mid-period Genesis show.  More

Jan 26, 2015 Music Issue #52 - September/October 2014 - St. Vincent

Six albums into their career, Pond is still known by most as that other psych-rock band from Australia.  More

Night Will Fall

Studio: HBO
Directed by Andre Singer

Jan 26, 2015 Cinema Web Exclusive

In 1945, as World War II drew to a close in Europe, American and British forces collaborated on a documentary which was produced to reveal the horrors of the concentration camps to the world. More

The Dodos



Jan 23, 2015 Music Issue #52 - September/October 2014 - St. Vincent

The Dodos have always been a pleasantly disarming mix of salty and sweet. Complex rhythmic ideas round out simple but creative melodic lines, which are in turn occasionally rounded out by an unexpected dissonance. Basic instrumentation expands to fill up vast amounts of space, both on the recordings and during their hypnotic live shows. More

The Duke of Burgundy

Studio: Sundance Selects
Directed by Peter Strickland

Jan 23, 2015 Cinema Web Exclusive

At Duke of Burgundy's core is an OK idea—exposing the audience's preconceptions and hang-ups via a sub/dom relationship between two women—yet instead of allowing it to take on its own life, Strickland fleshes out his idea with maddeningly over-bearing style. More

Jan 23, 2015 Books Web Exclusive

At a time where rock bios have settled into a safe place of delivering shocking moments with mostly filler, Marky Ramone delivers a book that’s as intriguing as it is smile-inducing.