In a Valley of Violence

Studio: Focus World
Directed by Ti West

Oct 20, 2016 Cinema Summer 2008 - The Protest Issue

At first glance, In a Valley of Violence seems like a major departure for writer/director Ti West. More


Studio: A24
Directed by Barry Jenkins

Oct 19, 2016 Cinema Web Exclusive

Chiron is a little boy growing up in Miami with a drug addict for a mother, a drug dealer for a role model and bullies for classmates. Over the next twenty years, he will struggle to find his identity and companionship in a world that has no interest in providing him with either. More

Blue Jay

Studio: The Orchard
Directed by Alexandre Lehmann

Oct 18, 2016 Cinema Web Exclusive

Jim and Amanda were more than lovers in high school – they were one another’s future. More

The Siege of Jadotville

Studio: Netflix
Directed by Richie Smyth

Oct 17, 2016 Cinema Web Exclusive

History is cruel, remembering only a few fragments from the multitude of events happening every day. More


Studio: STX Entertainment
Directed by Jonás Cuarón

Oct 14, 2016 Cinema Web Exclusive

A group of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border find themselves in a desperate struggle to survive when they are targeted by a vicious, rifle-wielding vigilante intent on wiping them out. More


Studio: The Orchard
Directed by Antonio Campos

Oct 13, 2016 Cinema Web Exclusive

Watching the news is rarely a comforting experience, each broadcast full of atrocities large and small.  More

Little Sister

Studio: Forager Films
Directed by Zach Clark

Oct 12, 2016 Cinema Web Exclusive

On the cusp of taking her final vows, Colleen is granted permission to borrow Reverend Mother’s car and drive from New York to North Carolina so that she can sort out her affairs before committing to life in a Brooklyn convent. More

Beyond Glory

Studio: Gravitas Ventures
Directed by Larry Brand

Oct 11, 2016 Cinema Web Exclusive

Actor Stephen Lang has toured his one-man show, Beyond Glory, all over the world. The inspiring, stirring theatrical peace is Lang’s homage to United States service members. More

Under the Shadow

Studio: Vertical Entertainment / XYZ Films
Directed by Babak Anvari

Oct 05, 2016 Cinema Web Exclusive

Under the Shadow’s greatest achievement is creating a genuinely terrifying film that also serves as an accurate and sympathetic encapsulation of life during wartime. More