Deep Red

Studio: Arrow Video

Oct 16, 2018 DVDs

This is a top-notch giallo, and signature Argento. More

The Day of the Jackal

Studio: Arrow Video

Oct 03, 2018 DVDs

This may very well be the most intricately-woven and finely-executed suspense film ever crafted. More

Oct 01, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Equal parts documentary and dramatization, the film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize during its 1999 premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. More

Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town

Studio: Shout! Factory

Sep 28, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Anyone who grew up on a diet of late-90s Miramax releases will probably find something to like in Izzy Gets the Fuck Across Town. More

A Raisin in the Sun

Studio: Criterion

Sep 27, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

The 1961 film version of the play is perhaps best remembered for featuring one of the all-time great performances from its leading actor, Sidney Poitier. More

The Kinetophone: A Fact! A Reality!

Studio: Undercrank Productions

Sep 25, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

The Kinetophone: A Fact! A Reality! is a delightful scrapbook of flickering memories. More

Horrors of Malformed Men

Studio: Arrow Video

Sep 24, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Horrors of Malformed Men is a film that should be seen by anyone interested in cinema’s weirdest artifacts. More

Tucker: The Man and His Dream

Studio: Lionsgate

Sep 21, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

Tucker: The Man and His Dream is a highly-stylized and romantic homage to a crazy idea struggling against insurmountable odds to become a new American dream. More

My Man Godfrey

Studio: Criterion

Sep 20, 2018 DVDs Web Exclusive

 Gregory La Cava’s 1936 film My Man Godfrey takes the already prominent subtext of the genre and throws it up on the screen in size one hundred font. More