Desert Hearts

Studio: Criterion

Dec 08, 2017 DVDs Web Exclusive

It’s so easy to frame Donna Deitch’s outstanding and, in certain ways, incendiary film Desert Hearts as the blueprint for many a queer film after it. More

Dec 06, 2017 DVDs Web Exclusive

Grabbing a fire axe, Santa Claus embarks on a Christmas Eve massacre. More

Since You Went Away (Roadshow Edition)

Studio: Kino Lorber Studio Classics

Dec 04, 2017 DVDs Web Exclusive

A gorgeous and tearjerking piece of homefront melodrama, Since You Went Away was producer David O. Selznick’s return to film after a four-year hiatus that followed his back-to-back Best Picture winners, Gone With the Wind and Rebecca. More

Young Doctors in Love

Studio: Kino Lorber Studio Classics

Dec 01, 2017 DVDs Web Exclusive

By the 1980s, Garry Marshall was a veteran comedy writer and producer, and so he decided to launch his career with Young Doctors In Lovea parody of soap operas. More

The Philadelphia Story

Studio: Criterion

Nov 30, 2017 DVDs Web Exclusive

The story of a flighty, flinty socialite whose wedding weekend is a complicated a love triangle involving her dashing first husband and a salt-of-the-earth reporter, The Philadelphia Story tells a story about class with class, as well as a sharp wit. More

Nov 29, 2017 DVDs Web Exclusive

Between Night and Dawn assembles three of the lesser-seen movies George Romero made in the decade between his landmark Night of the Living Dead from 1968 and its just-as-influential follow-up, 1978’s Dawn of the Dead. More


Studio: Criterion

Nov 28, 2017 DVDs Web Exclusive

Jabberwocky is very much a Terry Gilliam film, but in pupal form.  More

The Last Laugh

Studio: Kino Lorber Studio Classics

Nov 27, 2017 DVDs Web Exclusive

The Last Laugh, FW Murnau’s silent classic from 1924, is very nearly the best of its kind. More

The Mercenary

Studio: Kino Lorber Studio Classics

Nov 22, 2017 DVDs Web Exclusive

Released in 1968, The Mercenary reunited director Sergio Corbucci with Franco Nero, the star of his cult classic Spaghetti Western Django. More