Oct 20, 2017

Fever Ray (aka Karin Dreijer, formerly one half of the Swedish duo The Knife) has shared a video for a brand new song, "To the Moon and Back." More

Watch The Knife’s “Live At Terminal 5” Concert Film

Shaking the Habitual: Live At Terminal 5 Due Out in Select Countries Today via Rabid Records

Sep 01, 2017

Swedish duo The Knife are releasing a new live album and concert film, Shaking the Habitual: Live At Terminal 5, today via Rabid Records.  More

The Knife to Release New Live Album/Film, But Not in the U.S., Canada, or U.K. Due to Legal Dispute

Shaking the Habitual: Live At Terminal 5 Due Out in Select Countries September 1 via Rabid Records

Aug 14, 2017

Swedish duo The Knife have announced a new live album and concert film, Shaking the Habitual: Live At Terminal 5, which is due out September 1 via Rabid Records. Here's the rub, the press release points out that it won't be available in USA/Canada, U.K./Eire, Asia, and South/Latin America due to a dispute with a label in those territories, Brille Records (the full statement on the matter is below). More

Soundtracking the Resistance - Taxing Problems

Music and Taxes: The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Primal Scream, Sharon Jones, The Knife, and More

Apr 21, 2017

This week we're going to build bridges, albeit of a temporary and highly specific kind. Because if there's one thing that unites people, it's the confusion, frustration, and panic brought on by the tax filing deadline.  More

Oct 27, 2014

Playing their final shows next month before officially calling it quits, The Knife have shared a small parting gift in the form of several remixes of select Shaking the Habitual tracks. More

The Knife Call it a Day

Final Tour Happens This Fall

Aug 21, 2014

The Knife are breaking up. More

Jun 06, 2014

Earlier this year The Knife revealed that were developing new music in collaboration with a political cabaret group called FUL, all in the name of new project called Europa EuropaMore

Listen: The Knife – “Without You My Life Would Be Boring (J.Phlip Remix)”

Shaken-Up Versions will be out digitally on June 17 via Rabid/Brille/Mute

May 22, 2014

San Francisco producer J.Phlip recently gave The Knife cut “Without You My Life Would Be Boring” a rerub.  More

Mar 20, 2014

Here’s an exceptionally Knife-like piece of Knife news. The Swedish duo is collaborating with the art group FUL to create a hyper-political cabaret called Europa EuropaMore

The Knife Wins the Nordic Music Prize

Award Given Out This Evening in Oslo, Norway

Mar 01, 2014

The Knife is the recipient of the fourth annual Nordic Music Prize. The award was given out at an award ceremony earlier this evening in Oslo, Norway in conjunction with the by:Larm festivalMore

Jan 16, 2014

TrentemøllerThe KnifeSigur Rós, and When Saints Go Machine have all been long-listed for the third annual Nordic Music Prize.  More

The Knife Announce North American Tour Dates

Dates April After Coachella

Jan 15, 2014

After their Coachella performance, The Knife are hitting the road for a short string of dates across North America.  More

The Knife Announce North American Shows

To Take Place Around Coachella Appearance

Jan 10, 2014

Last year Scandinavian duo The Knife supported their conceptual new album Shaking the Habitual with a divisive set of "performances" around Europe, featuring a strange mixture of "absurdist aerobics" and "danceoke." More

Oct 11, 2013

By year's end, The Knife's newest LP Shaking the Habitual will certainly go down as one of 2013's most ambitious and unconventional albums. More

Sep 19, 2013

After working with The Knife on their Darwin-themed opera Tomorrow, In a Year, Berlin-based artist Planningtorock recently reworked Shaking The Habitual single “Full Of Fire." More

Aug 09, 2013

This weekend, Gothenburg, Sweden hosts the sixth annual Way Out West Festival. We sent writer/photographer Laura Studarus down to cover the action. Check out her photos of Angel HazeOf Monsters and MenHAIMBat For LashesHåkan HellströmMiguel, and The Knife More

Watch: The Knife - “Raging Lung”  Shaking The Habitual Show Live Video

Official Glimpse into the Duo's Abstract Live Show

Jul 03, 2013

In the wake of releasing their highly conceptual new album Shaking the Habitual, mysterious brother-sister duo The Knife have been treating fans not to a live concert, but an otherworldly performance art show complete with costumes, choreography, and a general WTF sensibility. More

Watch Footage of The Knife’s Bizarre Live Shows

Supporting Shaking the Habitual

May 09, 2013

As best as they tried to prep audiences for what was to come with a detailed letter, the inherent strangeness of The Knife's return to the live stage after almost seven years is still better to be seen than read about.  More

The Knife Share Strange Details of Upcoming Live Shows

To Include "Absurdist Aerobics" and "Danceoke"

Apr 22, 2013

Scheduled to hit the road soon in support of their recently released album epic Shaking the HabitualThe Knife have unveiled another manifesto-length glimpse into their artistic vision, this time going into what fans will expect to experience during their live shows. More

Apr 18, 2013

For a group that seems to do everything with such deliberate purpose and meaning, regardless of the finished product's ambiguity, it's strange to see The Knife deciding to follow the conceptual, feminist-themed music videos for their songs "Full of Fire" and "A Tooth for an Eye" with something so banal and uninspired for their latest track "A Cherry on Top." More

Apr 09, 2013

The Knife are all about secrets, but this morning the Swedish brother and sister have offered up the slightest glimpse into their creative process the making of their new album Shaking the Habitual with a short video dubbed "The Interview." More

Apr 05, 2013

With just a few days left before The Knife unleash their massively ambitious new LP Shaking the Habitual, the Swedish electronic duo have shared a pair of remixes of their lead single "A Tooth For An Eye." More

Apr 02, 2013

Next week The Knife will release Shaking the Habitual the group's first album in over seven years.  More

Mar 19, 2013

Leading up to the release of their much-anticipated new album Shaking the Habitual, ever-mysterious duo The Knife have offered up a least a little insight into their process with a written manifesto. More

Mar 08, 2013

Next month Swedish electronic duo The Knife return with their much-anticipated new album Shaking the Habitual. More

Watch: The Knife - “Full of Fire” Video [NSFW]

First Single Off Shaking the Habitual

Jan 28, 2013

After a seven year wait The Knife have returned with "Full of Fire," their first piece of new music since the band's breakthrough record Silent Shout. More

The Knife Share Tracklist for “Shaking the Habitual,” Over 90 Minutes Long

Make Sure You Go To the Bathroom Before Hitting Play

Jan 25, 2013

Swedish electronic duo The Knife have come forward to share the tracklist for their much-anticipated new album Shaking the Habitual. More

Jan 22, 2013

Anticipation is running predictably high for the return of The Knife, whose upcoming new album Shaking the Habitual arrives this April. More

The Knife Announce European Tour Dates

Supporting Upcoming Shaking the Habitual

Jan 14, 2013

Releasing their much-anticipated new album Shaking the Habitual this spring, The Knife have announced dates for an upcoming European tour this April and May. More

Jan 08, 2013

Mystery duo The Knife have announced their first live performances in three years with a pair of shows this May. More

The Knife Reveal New Album Title, Release Date

Shaking the Habitual Out in April

Dec 14, 2012

Earlier this week the enigmatic brother/sister duo known as The Knife released a teaser video hinting a new record's arrival in 2013. More

The Knife Announce New Record

Follow-up to 2006's Silent Shout

Dec 12, 2012

After almost almost seven years of relative quiet Swedish brother/sister duo The Knife have announced their return with a new album set for release in early 2013. More

The Knife Enters the Studio

Band to Release New Material in 2012

Apr 25, 2011

After birthing the fantastic Fever Ray and mediocre Darwin tribute, original Swedish creep show The Knife is heading back into the studio. More

The Knife Prep Opera Soundtrack

Release 11-minute Opus, "Colouring of Pigeons"

Jan 06, 2010

The Knife's Charles Darwin-based opera, Tomorrow, in a Year, will soon come out in digital (February 2nd) and physical (March 9th) formats, courtesy of Mute. More


The Knife

Better Habits

Jul 09, 2013

The Knife didn't need to make a new albumthey are clear about thatand you probably need to hang onto that thought if you're going to have the mindset needed to unravel their latest release, the sprawling 96-minuteShaking the Habitual. True to its title, the fourth Knife album is all about breaking down routines and questioning the way things are donesomething that has resulted in an album that is part hypnotic synth-pop opus, part noise collage, and part unclassifiable hybrid of every nightmare you've ever had.  More


Shaking the Habitual

Shaking the Habitual


Apr 05, 2013

News flash: If The Knife doesn't freak you out, you're not listening hard enough. Swedish siblings Olof Dreijer and Karin Dreijer Andersson's first album since 2006's Silent Shout is 13 tracks, clocking in at an impressive 90 minutes, and they're not out to win any new fans. More

Tomorrow, In a Year

Tomorrow, In a Year


Mar 31, 2010

I adore the opera. The larger-than-life voices, the pageantry, the over-the-top storylines all-pointing to a singular theme (eat, drink and sing arias...for tomorrow you'll definitely die)it's tough to beat. Which is why listening to the soundtrack version of The Knife's (in association with Planningtorock and Mr. Sims) first opera, Charles Darwin homage Tomorrow, In a Year, is such a frustrating experience. More