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Will & Grace

NBC, Thursdays 9/8 Central

Sep 28, 2017 Web Exclusive
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The revival of Will & Grace or Season 9, depending on how you want to look at it, feels like it picks up right where the show left off, 11 years laterwhich is also the title of the first episodeand that is not a disappointment. "11 Years Later" catches the audience up before the opening credits start rolling. No one has kids. No one's married, except for Karen, still to Stan. Will and Grace are living together and Jack's across the hall. There was a worry that the fabulous four would stay in their dead end life situations forever, which looks like is the case, but that makes for comedy gold. Nothing about this return feels dated. The dynamic between the four main characters is still full of fizz, updated for the present time complete with the zinger pop culture references that are the Will & Grace signature.

"11 Years Later" is heavy on the jabs at the current administration, including from right inside The White House. Karen is amusingly politically incorrect, as ever. Jack is in a sexually based situation, as always. Will is attempting to be in a sexually based situation, unsuccessful as always. And Grace is trying to be a better Grace, and not quite hitting the mark, as usual. The show hits its stride in the second episode, "Who's Your Daddy," in which Will and Jack take a turn at dating guys in their 20s, managing to avoid self-deprecation and land squarely into hilarious. By the third episode, "Emergency Contact," it's like Will & Grace never left. Karen has updated her housewife prescription drugs for festival ones, dropping terms like "ayahuasca" and "molly" into her patter. Meanwhile Jack is still trying to land acting work without result, but with lines like: "The theatrical magic, where thespians work on stage and lesbians build the sets," we're cry laughing. There is also an unexpected surprise guest on this episode, but Jack and Karen are always the main reasons to watch the show. They continue to have the best lines, stealing scenes with their comedic genius.

Admittedly the obvious spackle on the characters' faces is a little chalky, but they still look goodif you don't stare directly at the cracks. Nothing about this reboot is a disappointment. If you were a Will & Grace fan the first time, you're going to love it all over again. This is how comedy is done. (www.nbc.com/will-and-grace)

Author rating: 9/10

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